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"Feeding America"

As unemployment benefits are scheduled to lapse this week, food banks, already stressed, are trying to get donations stepped up, in an attempt to meet what they foresee as a tremendous increase in need. Many are already in a crisis mode (I know that here in MI, they frequently run out of food early in the month). There are some campaigns, with matching donations happening today, that will match your dollar (Gleaners here in MI), and even match your donation 1 and 1/2 times (Forgotten Harvest here in MI). A good resource for foodbanks is at Feeding America:
and the article (be warned, Huffpo) on the foodbank crisis:
Please, I know many of us are financially stressed, but a few dollars, matched, and given to 4-star rated charities -check out charity navigator:
can help immensely. If you see a matching campaign, please spread the word.

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because the ruling class sure isn't. It staggers what they are willing to do to their fellow human beings.

Thanks for the inspiring and sobering links! Even if we only can give modestly, the momentum of action ripples outward.