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Federal Appeals Court-Graphic (color photos) on cigarette packs unconstitutional

The DC Federal Court of Appeals ruled that forcing cigarette manufacturers to place graphic color photographs on cgarette packaes, showing the results of smoking related illnesses, is an unconstitutional breach of the right to free speech.

Government can require warnings, but these should not impede the right of the mfr. to promote sales of unsafe products.AKA, lie to the public about what their product does. Okaaaay...

The tanning booth industry is trying to use the cigarette mfrs' approach to prevent warnings with teeth about the effects of their product, skin cancer.

Now, if only cigarettes were linked to terrists, then maybe they could be warned against in ways most likely to keep people away form them, eh? Seems Corporate speech is more free and protected than, oh, regualr people's speech and definitely more than government regulators' speech. The courts seem quite willing to restrict freedom of speech, even thought, IF the government can show it is tied to the War on Terror.