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Fearless and Loathing in GA.

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[Hello. I'm new here. Been reading the legacy. Something I've posted elsewhere still in an emacs buffer -- so, I'll just jump in.]

I, a progressive voter since 1963, am incensed with Dean, Pelosi, Reid, et al., and find them to be contemptible a55h0l35.

Nancy Pelosi's most notable achievement was to take impeachment off the table. Two years later, and Bush has been allowed to continue virtually unobstructed. The Bushit clock will have run out soon, and we can start marking Democratic Friedman units (at least, 180 coalition and 10 thousand Iraqi deaths per F-unit).

Harry Reid ignominiously cowered when faced by the neocons with regard to FISA immunity and even blocked Democratic movements. It's not resolved yet, but it looks to me like there are several ways for it to slide through.

Howard Dean has been duplicitous and erratic while trying to steer the primary election by muddling, making, and breaking DNC rules. I am still confused as to the differences between MI, FL and IA, NH, NV, SC. Isn't it ironic that we must cut short a schedule that was set by the DNC, and that more of early primaries would have helped?

Finally, by more than mere innuendo, they are all guilty of fostering the notion that a presumptive candidate has already been determined. I suppose that is based on Obama having almost half of the primary votes, while Clinton only has almost half of them. They push the ball in their preferred direction and then back off with smarmy pretenses of fairness.

Aided and abetted by MSM, non-MSM, and neocons, there will be more fear mongering, innuendo, and screed from Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and the Obamaniacs. Here's a link to help sort some of it out.
Talking Points Memo: Rules ....

In the meantime, Dean, Pelosi, and Reid should STFU! I see them as a cabal, and can imagine they are in someone's pocket. I'm sticking with Hillary R. Clinton, and rejecting the DNC version of the Democratic Party.

Among my family and friends, there have been five recent changes to suporting H.R. Clinton (two flips from Obama, and three from Undecided). Why? The final straws: Obama won't debate, Dean won't shut up, Rezko doesn't wash (11 dilapidated buildings).

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The true Democratic Party.
HRC: Flip to Hope and Real Change

Other cast of characters.

Dean: Duplicitous erraticism
Pelosi: Peachy keenocracy
Brazile: Rawhides!
Rezko: Dirty Demo
Obama: silently wright

“Democrats have a habit of falling in love with candidates on the first date.”

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Demography is destiny....

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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at think point the dems would, I don't know, want to win the presidency, but apparently not. I don't care what the outcome is, some all of these people should lose their jobs. They are not doing what's in the interest of the party. I can't figure out what the hell they're doing, but I want to see them all fired.