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Fear the cloud

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Submitted by jumpjet on

That's ridiculous. What if I've got stuff I want to keep private? I don't care what kind of guarantees Google gives or how benevolent they come off as, the fact of the matter is they've got my stuff. They can look at it whenever they want and damn the user agreements and contracts.

No thank you, I'll stick with my regular OS. Windows, Mac, or Unix.

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Submitted by Bryan on

It wasn't that long ago that it happened at Microsoft's server farm.

They honestly believe that a lot of rational human beings want to be dependent on telcos and cable companies for access to their data, and that all of their data should be transmitted over an Internet connection?

If all you do with a computer is social networking and communications, fine, but even then I don't want my passwords stored on someone else's computer.

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Submitted by splashy9 on

To save my files. I believe in the triplicate rule. Have anything you want to save in triplicate, in different places. This could be one place, but definitely not the only place.

Anything that you wouldn't mind everyone in your family, friends and government to see, and stored in other places too, wouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, forgeddaboutit.