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Fear and loathing in Versailles

What Glenn said:

[I]t's hard not to be encouraged by the disgust which the citizenry clearly has for the political establishment regardless of party, as well as the resulting (and increasing) fear and confusion on the part of the political class. This sort of citizenry anger can re-arrange political alignments and explode political orthodoxies in fundamental and unpredictable ways. There is, to be sure, a risk in that, but there is a far greater risk in simply allowing the destructive political status quo to linger in unchanged form for much longer.

They're not fearful enough!

Public campaign financing and no jobs on K Street after their finish their internships on the Hill; now that would bring some fear.

Personally, I think that NOTA, rather than voting against all incumbents, is the best strategy on the national level, and voting for third parties and independents is the best strategy from the state level down. It may take 'til 2014 to get NOTA booted up, though. Two years will be enough to show that voting out the d/R made no difference.

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"not voting for anybody who's not the incumbent"?

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The level of disgust I see leads me to believe we don't have to wait until 2014 to see a new direction. The problem is circumventing the Village-Versailles media monopoly. If we can successfully do that, than we will win in 2012. Yes, I really believe that.

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.... to these ideas (partly because you're a good deal younger than I am; our handles conceal our ages and genders, mostly, which is a good, old school thing, but on the other hand my generation does not have a lock on the verities. Obviously!)