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fear and loathing in the heartland

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Get comfy cause I'm pent up after the debate and this is a long one.

Hunter S Thompson is lucky that he's dead.
This election would make him shoot himself...again.

Any lapsed gonzo journalist worth shit would ASK
(in CAPS with...ironic...ellipses and if I can find them italics too)
WHO will benefit from a scandal? Cause THAT is always who did it.
The one who benefits here is "the victim" Barack Obama.
And it' KNOWS his peeps are...above such things.

I SO doubt that THE PHOTO was floated by Clinton's camp
Simply cause she KNOWS what will happen. THIS will happen.
She'll get blamed for it (if she did it or not!) So why would SHE do it?
Not to mention, her staffers are fully briefed in how extra careful
they must be with the reputation of a First Lady.

BTW, Hillary Rodham Clinton IS a First Lady.
A fact that's been all but ignored and disrespected in this election.
It's as if, when she feels she HAS to mention it, she's being...vain.

Besides, if I'm not mistaken,

I've heard that the photo is available from the photo wire services,
(like Rex etc), has been for some time which means that ANYONE
could get it. Anyone could have sent it in anyone's name.
(Oh NO! You mean there is actual FRAUD on the Internet!)

But, as seems to be happening with Barack Obama more all the time,
this is one more of an increasing number of issues we CAN'T bring up
or talk openly about in terms of his true electability.

Hello? Can you say vetting?

It's SOP in any publicity campaign to investigate what may turn up.
And try to have an explanation ready when/if it does.
But even routine vetting of barack is being taken to task as having...
racist overtones.

While anything that shows Hillary as unfeminine is business as usual.

If it was sent by Clinton's people, context is crucial, why it was sent?
As a cheap shot to defame Obama or take him down? Doubt it.
To illustrate the common complaint "what if this was Hillary?
Or as a LEGITIMATE caution, "what will the other side do with this?"

Well SOMEONE has to say it...eventually. Cause we know They will.

So MY escalating worry, (because I was a publicist way back when)
is that I always ask: "what will your worst enemy USE this photo for?"

And if it's made to the Enquirer then it's already OUT there on the
campaign trail which, as Hill knows all too well is fought to the death
in the check out lanes of the American Heartland.

In the primary process, a political zit will knock you out of the race.
Barack's been rather good at finding the flaws in his far.
He's held a searing spotlight on every blemish on Hillary Clinton.

But "bad stuff" about Barack is out there on a number of levels...too.
He's the one who has made his choices and lived his life as he saw fit.
It's not OUR fault our problem or our duty to protect Barack's "secrets"
And he says this photo (and his heritage) isn't one anyway.

There probably is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this photo.
So why does he CARE if it light.

Though I've yet to hear Obama simply offer one.

To simply tell We the Voters, in a clear non racially accusatory way,
where the photo was taken who he was with, why he's dressed that way.
It's a simple question.

Is it ceremonial attire at a state visit? Some gathering with
Who'd have a problem with Barack honoring his hosts or dressing
as his African family dresses when he is with his African family?

When and where was this pic taken and who were you with and why?
It's...a simple question...we'd curiously ask about any photo we look at.
And any reasonable answer would do.

Haven't we had eight years of someone who is not able or willing to
answer our simple questions?

Instead we get "showing this photo is an attempt to discredit me"

Which, as one of our Muslim posters here astutely points out,
is Barack rejecting the OTHER side of his family, the African side,
The Muslim side.

I mean Barack Obama DOES have a father and family in Kenya.
Are we NOT supposed to mention such things in polite conversation?
Is it somehow attempting to damage Obama to say that?
Or to SHOW him in snapshots with African family and friends?

Cause IF it IS, Houston, we have a problem.

He also downplays his mother and grandparents' uneventful whiteness.
Well, yes, he mentions it in The Book. Voters haven't read The Book.
And yes he hauls out their touching story as needed on the stump
but I've never SEEN a picture of them. Someone told me they're...dead.

And yes, he got paid a good deal of money to write a book about him.
But Obama doesn't TALK about his dad's side of the family much either.
Barack doesn't seem to be much of guy.

And the problem is that...

We GET this inflammatory stuff in, you know, emails, at least I do.
Cause I have conservative christian friends, Bush Republican friends,
people who I've always found to be are quite lovely and kind...before.
And then I open an email from a friend...and THIS STUFF is in it.

And hey, the Obamacrats are not so...above it all...either.
Antiobamafriends send me a photo of Barack not saluting the flag.

But, a few days ago I opened a bulletin at myspace titled:
"Mrs McCain is proud of her country"
Inside was a lurid black & white close up photo of a lynch mob in 1920.
Three Black victims hung like deer in a smirking mob of white faces.

THAT is the photo (and message) Obamacrat friends are sending me.

Some of it is...hateful...but mostly it's the real fear of the unknown.
Friends writing to ask what I think...IS Barack a muslim extremist?
I dutifully write back (my liberal knee jerking ) Nonono! it's a SMEAR,
He wasn't raised Muslim and he didn't go to a terrorist school etc.

But you know, after what I've seen him do to Hillary.
I'm not longer inclined to politically correct his record...for him.

No matter how innocent the explanation may be, THIS photo
is what facile Republicans will USE against him come November
to try to sink Barack Hussein Obama here in the heartland.

And they are better at this than we are, They invented Dirty Tricks.
So I HAVE passed on provocative "anti muslim" stuff like this photo.
Not because I agree with the practice or the sentiment it provokes.
But cause these airheaded Obamacrats keep telling me over and over

that Barack will simply sail through to the presidency, no prob.

Sail past justified and also unfair concerns of the American People
who are still confused and threatened by the whole Muslim "question"

Voters feel actually and irrationally threatened by Muslim terrorism.
We WERE attacked and most of us still do not full understand why,
although The Shubbery's cowboy diplomacy has given us SOME idea.

Yet, in perhaps the truest test of Obama's truest character,

Barack is NOT calmly unifying nor reassuring the American People,
including our Muslim citizens who sadly find themselves in the same
predicament and real danger as our Japanese citizens in WWII.
(We can't fool ourselves into thinking the neocons wouldn't have
gleefully lobbied to "round up" our Muslim Americans after 9-11!)

But we don't DO that shit here...anymore.

I try to describe the reality of Barack Obama's situation in this regard.
But my obamacrat friends will NOT take me seriously or listen at all.
They say he will sweep the WHOLE country and win easily cause

We are turning the page and change is coming.

So FINALLY, desperate to get THROUGH to these people who hold
the future of our country, the world, in thier upturned palms
I grit my teeth and, against all I believe in, I hit the send button
forward the wrongheaded email or bulletin or article and say...


Even knowing that, to do so, perpetuates the hurt and perhaps worse,
plays into Obama's truly insidious game plan...

To harness The Hate.


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Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

The only people who think that Hillary's campaign was behind this are Obot -- and media gasbags.

Reasonable Obama supporters recognize what probably happened -- when they read what Drudge wrote...

"With a week to go until the Texas and Ohio primaries, stressed Clinton staffers circulated a photo over the weekend of a "dressed" Barack Obama.... "Wouldn't we be seeing this on the cover of every magazine if it were HRC?" questioned one campaign staffer, in an email obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT. "

in other words, a Clinton staffer sent this photo to another Clinton staffer, with the message about media hypocrisy. The second staffer forwarded it to someone outside the campaign -- who sent it on to Drudge.

I really think that the Clinton campaign should get to the bottom of this -- to find out who sent the picture to Drudge. I'll bet that it was either someone in the media, or someone in the Obama campaign itself (lots of campaign staff types remain friendly with each other, even though they are currently working on opposing campaigns.)

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Submitted by janittdott on

IF anyone will admit that they DID it and who would.

Or perhaps she needs to turn this back at him.

If there is no indication that a LOYAL staffer sent it to drudge
Should a fuss be made about...obamafiltration of Hillary's staff?

And would that give her an excuse to talk about ALL the harassment
and interference in her campaign up top and including

the crossover votes?


"You need a mother VERY badly!"

-wendy to captain hook