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FCIC report

PDF available here.

Unbelievably, or not, the friggin FCIC archive isn't accessible except through a search tool. They can't just publish a list of the files, or make everything available for download, or linking, oh no no no no. You have to know what you're looking for if you want to retrieve a document! Jeebus, you'd think that Greg Feldberg, the FCIC research director, would want to make stuff easy for the general public to find. Or maybe not.

NOTE More airbrushing in the site theme. Gawd, I hate gradients.

UPDATE I searched for all documents with the word "the". I got 9 pages of hits. No indication of how many hits there actually are. Oh well.

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the link.

I don't think the FCIC is covering up the massive looting going on in the community gardening industrial complex...)