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FCC Hearings on Hurricane Sandy Cell Service

Seems Verizon and other carriers had only 8hours of backup battery power rather than the recommended 24. Also mentions individuals having femtocells which I had never heard of. More on FCC hearing.


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here in central northern NJ suboonia, the wind took down many, many trees, especially huge tall pines. I was without power for 10 days, which meant no phone service from by cable company. It was out for about the same amount of time, which meant no cable TV, broadband internet, or phone service through Cablevision.

My cell phone was almost impossible to use as many cell towers lost power --or something-- which resulted in terrible transmissionl. I could catch maybe every 4th word, if any.

Fortunately, a neighbor had a regular land line which did continue to get power. And the lines weren't down for the phone. Or they were fixed much more quickly?

A local church opened its basement and made their electricity available to people who needed to charge cell phones and computer batteries. They also served hot food and coffee, which meant there was a chance to talk to other people. I gave them quite a bit from freezer as I was going to lose everything given the time without electricity.

The township put messages about their own shelter where people could sleep when it got too cold in their houses on their web site, which, given the local monopoly internet service was down, meant few people learned about the shelter. I only heard about it from someone in the church basement.

And, when I did see their web site, I actually couldn't find the message on their rather poorly designed web site.

I hope they've learned something from Sandy. "They" meaning both private and public entties.

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I was encouraged to look for stories by Lambert and glad you expanded. Seems we need to go back to old fashioned ways of communicating like Disaster Corps. Maybe by precinct. I had always envisioned that being the real purpose of being a precinct captain and not getting democrats elected.