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"False economy"

I spotted that phrase on this site here, and filed it away mentally.

"False economy" seems to me to strike at slash cateogorize neo-liberalism in several useful ways:

1) The "economies" they purport implement do not, net net, save money. All they do is transfer money from service provision to rent-seeking administrators and rentiers generally;

2) Their model of the economy is false.

3) Their false model of the economy also encourages other falsehoods, like accounting control fraud. They have created a "false economy," an economy of falsehood, for us to live in.

4) Financialization is also a "false economy" of brokers and shysters, completely unproductive, grifters on the take.

Not a very well thought out post, I am afraid, but I just thought I'd run the phrase up the flagpole to see if anybody saluted.

I think it has potential. Note that #1 relates very directly to people's experience with crapified products and services.

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