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Facebook to New Yorker: No Can Haz (Girl) Nipples!

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Someone at Facebook temporarily banned New Yorker magazine for violating the "Nudity and Sex" standards. The problem: a cartoon that used two dots to represent female nipples.

The scandalous pencil dots are the subject of a follow-up blog post -- "Nipplegate" -- from the cartoon editor, a not-to-be missed gem.


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Nipplegate: the exciting conclusion

Really, part of why I avoid Facebook. And some "left" organizations are not communicating with me and people like me, because they no longer send out email announcements of their actions, and don't post them to non-Facebook Web, but only post them to Facebook. (In one case I actually wrote to the organizers to check to see if they would be sending email announcements, and they said that they would, but they do not. Well, too bad.)

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Thanks for the update.

I refuse to use Facebook, too, and have noticed the same thing -- a lot of email from various organizations require logging into FB. Sorry, can't help you then.