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Facebook to have employee dorms, like factories in China

This Atlantic article was on policing, but this paragraph jumped out at me:

When I read, early last week, about the police officer whose salary is currently being paid by Facebook, I was suspicious. The tech company agreed to pay the officer’s salary and benefits, which totaled roughly $200,000, even though she’s officially part of a government organization, the Menlo Park Police Department. “It's not the 'Facebook officer,’” a company spokesperson insisted in the Wall Street Journal article. “It's the officer for the whole community.” While the officer’s duties seemed innocuous enough—she works with truants and juvenile offenders, and helps local businesses like Facebook plan for emergencies—something about a private company funding a cop didn’t sit well with me.

The sources the Journal interviewed didn’t exactly allay any of my concerns. The paper's reporter, Zusha Elinson, talked to a resident of the neighborhood that the officer patrols, who suspected that endowing a cop had to do with Facebook’s desire to straighten out a traditionally lower-income, higher-crime area as it made plans to expand its headquarters to include dorm-like dwellings for employees. Elinson also spoke to a police ethicist, who posed the question that cut to the core of my concern: If you’re the chief of the Menlo Park Police Department, "what do you tell your officers about how to treat people who work at Facebook?"

"[D]orm-like dwellings for employees"? Will they have suicide netting?

"Privilege" means "private law" ("privi" + "lege"). Sounds like Facebook's well on the way.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

not only suicide netting but more officers dragging you off to work out of your bed one dies and extra body is need on the line. They must know what Mellon writes about is getting close.

Submitted by lambert on

... and it's China that has the suicide netting, not Facebook. Still, dorms? At best, a company town. At worst....

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Yep, the 21st century version; company town 2.0.
Neo-serfdom is upon us and growing.
It's everywhere and spreading; beware the benevolent falsities...