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Facebook for the 99 Percent

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Submitted by Alcuin on

This is a great link, twig! I don't have a Facebook account because I have long been suspicious of its constantly changing privacy rules. I don't use Google, either - they are a front for the NSA and the CIA. The fact that the founders of Facebook sold out to Wall Street (I think they did, anyway) for a huge sum of money doesn't impress me at all, either. So the idea that some geeks are building a Facebook-style communications system, based on Open Source, is great news. We should all be suspicious of corporate media and Facebook is, if nothing else, corporate media. We need to control our futures, not hand those decisions off to corporations, which is what we do when we open accounts on Facebook.

Update: I found this on the site about Facebook. EPIC is suing the Department of Homeland Security over government surveillance of Facebook and Twitter.

Submitted by Alcuin on

100 Search Engines for Firefox. No doubt, Google is in there, but there are a whole bunch of others, too. I used to use Clusty, but it changed to Yippy and there doesn't seem to be an addon for Firefox for Yippy.

Submitted by hipparchia on

you might find the answer to your question in here somewhere, possibly starting with the spec sheet.

Submitted by lambert on

Pretty amazing... Upgrading the site to D7 would be a huge task but maybe I've got to... At a low traffic period....