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Face The Nation / Burns, McCain, Dodd

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As a sign of how little Bush cares about North Korea, he couldn't even be bothered to send Condi on the talk shows. Instead we got Undersecretary of State Nick Burns, via remote.

Ol' Crankypants: Why did NK fire missiles on the Fourth of July?

Burns: (changes subject to recite talking points) China has more influence. We want China to take care of this. Six party talks.

Ol' Crankypants: What are the 5 nations prepared to do?

Burns: We're going to completely isolate them. Prohibit trade... that would contribute to nuclear program. Missile defense. There is a lot of support of what we've been doing in the past couple of years with the presiden'ts leadership.

The leadership has been awesome. A gift of billions of dollars to defense contractors who can't come up with something that actually works in testing. So the president just orders the system to go from "test" to "operational" mode.

John McCain

Ol' Crankypants: Will china go along with this resolution?

McCain: China is an emerging superpower, they should behave like one.

Ol' Crankypants: Why wouldn't china?

McCain: Immaturity? Naivete?

Scolding China as if it were a wayward child will certainly work. Thank you McCain

Ol' Crankypants: Should we take out those missiles?

McCain: (pained Koala Bear expression) I don't know, Bob. Not at this time.

Chris Dodd

Dodd: They have plutonium, they need hard currency, Al Qaeda wants nuclear material. A dangerous situation.

Chris "Fiery Eyebrows" Dodd makes a good point about Bush's absolute refusal to speak directly with NK:

Dodd: Bilateral conversation is a good idea. Negotiations are not a reward. We have to get away from this idea that diplomacy is a sign of weakness. This notion that we're never going to do this... we're wasting time here.

On Putin

Dodd: once a KGB agent, always a KGB agent. I'm worried about where he's going.

On Lieberman

Lieberman has been a fabulous Senator. I think the challenge undermines him. I won't make a statement about what happens after the primary. This idea that he's close to the Bush Administration just isn't true. He's been very critical.

Translation: we look after our own, it's all about our personal relationships and careers. Fuck the voters.

Final Word

This is a direct quote:

Ol' Crankypants: Talk about an argument against Intelligent Design. It was a week when nothing made sense.

Talk about insulting our collective intelligence.

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