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Ezra Klein challenges David Broder for the Dean of Wankers

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Ezra Klein

And all this elides a simple fact: Capping the employer health care exclusion is good policy. Eliminating it entirely would be better policy. It's true that some unions, like AFSCME, would see the value of their employer benefits degrade slightly. (Some unions, like Service Employees International Union, would scarcely be affected at all. Janitors are not, as a rule, given generous employer health benefits.) But the labor movement, as a whole, is much worse off in a world where the employer exclusion is capped but we have health reform than in a world where we don't have health care reform and can't control premium costs.

Is there anyone here who actually thinks that this would improve access to health care in the US?

And never forget that in a single payer system we would SAVE $350 BILLION a year.

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