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Explosion Cripples Big Spring Refinery -- Go Buy Gas Now!!

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and, while it's pretty obvious it wasn't terrists, it's going to raise gas prices from Arkansas to Arizona.

So if you can,

go buy gas tonight.

Full disclosure: I once lived on I-20 within a mile of this refinery, which was in the 1980s the largest landlocked active oil refinery in the United States. Born as Cosden, it sold to Fina; it opened a cogeneration facility in 1988 and was so sprawling the Interstate went through, not around, it.

(Sorry for inflicting Randy Neugebauer on y'all.)

By the way, the "we" Randy's talking about? Yeah, that would be the Alon Refinery employees (and thank FSM nobody was killed) and the Big Spring, Howard County, and Coahoma Fire, police, and EMS responders. Just so y'all know.

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