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Kent Conrad advocates a national sales tax when single payer would save $350 billion a year

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Once Considered Unthinkable, U.S. Sales Tax Gets Fresh Look

"There is a growing awareness of the need for fundamental tax reform," Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) said in an interview. "I think a VAT and a high-end income tax have got to be on the table."

Almost every state in the union has a sales tax. The states’ ability to pay for the basic services most people associate with government would be severely limited by a federal VAT tax. Moreover, a VAT tax would not address the fundamental problem of the US budget, The Math. 20% of the people control 84% of the wealth. There just isn’t enough money among the remaining 80% to pay these debts. You cannot raise ever more taxes on a continually dwindling source of money. It didn’t work for Louis XVI, and it won’t work for Obama. You have to increase taxes on the top 1%. They have the money the rest of us don’t.

And you don’t have to raise taxes to pay for healthcare. Not one dime, not even a penny. A single payer system will save our country $350 billion a year.

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look into it.

But then, Kent Conrad has been a jerk since he first ran for office.

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equals more nonsense to avoid biting the bullet and raising income tax rates on the wealthy. A VAT tax dumps the burden on those without real representation in Congess; that's almost all of us. The shameless cowards that try to pass themselves off as "leaders" need to get their fannies kicked. If I were in Congress I wouldn't have the nerve to offer such transparently destructive legislation. Konrad should be ashamed of himself for recomending that most of us have a rising tax bill while the people not paying their fair share get off with nary a scratch.

There are changes that the Bush administration put into the tax code that amount to a massive cut in taxes to the very wealthy. Two important items: One, the ridiculous reduction of the Capital Gains tax to 15% a lower rate than the second lowest marginal rate. It was bad enough when it was lowered to 20% during the Clinton administration, the Bush cut was way beyond the pale. The rate should be no lower than 25%. Two, dividend income was removed from the normal income stream, made seperate and taxed at a flat 15%. This one is so bad it's an insult to the intelligence. This makes the idle rich even richer.

Along with SEVERAL new rates on incomes over $250,000 (it was always ridiculous to set the top rate starting at the surplus over $375,000) Capital gains must be raised and dividend income should go back into the regular income stream.