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Yes, yes I am a shameless hit whore. Sue me.

And yes, it is the same guy who fucked the horse.

However I must say I find it a bit peculiar that he was charged with "mistreatment" of the deer despite the fact that it was already dead when he endeavored to, ahem, have his way with it. I mean, if you can kill a deer and eat it and not only does nobody bat an eye but you are commended as a Manly Provider of Meat, wtf difference does it make if you use it to sate a different appetite? How exactly can you mistreat something that is, I repeat, already dead?

Okay, he's got a kink. I'm just playing Libertarian for the mental exercise.

Guy has to register as a sex offender now too. This reminds me of an interesting case in Virginia state law in the 1850s, but that's another matter for another time.

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Why were you reading this?
What, pray tell, did you type in to get this?
Xan, why are you so familiar with this man's story?

I'm feeling a little flushed . . .

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Clearly you haven't been reading faithfully if you managed to miss Mistress ChiDy's immortal, and quite recent, post on the subject, tastefully entitled "Horse Sex and White Women: Your Media in Action", which I add with great pride comes up NUMBER ONE on a search for "horse sex corrente" if you don't use the quotation marks in the search.

(However I note that the total number of hits for these particular three words only amounts to 133,000, which strikes me as extremely lowball. Google censorship is clearly at work. Investigations are in order.)

Of course her post was a serious and scholarly look at the deterioration of news coverage in the mainstream media, and has links 'n' shit in it. Whereas this post here is just a sleazy bottom-feeding gill-net dredge for cheap hits from scum who enjoy such disgusting material.

Gotcha... :)

I'm not sure what freaks me out more. That he had sex with a deer or that it was dead when he had sex...with a deer.

And a horse. Really? Busy boy. Wonder if he was top or bottom? Just curious.

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So he can't go within a thousand yards of a feed lot?

Maybe they make him wear a collar instead of an ankle bracelet?


No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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always blaming us for beastiality. typical str8 people behavior.

at least the gay feed stores are tastefully decorated and bambi properly contextualized in our culture. what gay person doesn't repect deer for their sensitive and tender relationships with their mothers?


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... in cases of the bestially inclined. But it may be that the poor sufferer finally realized that his problem was pathological in nature. Forgive me for all the bad jokes, it's one of them mornings.