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Expedient that some die...

(John 18:14) Buried at the end of a some sucking up to Condi in the Times, we find this nonchalant summary of Bush's Lebanon policy, which Times hagiographer Helene Cooper seems to find in no way remarkable:

The Bush administration contends that such a package has more of a chance of working if Israeli forces are able militarily to degrade Hezbollah. But the path of sacrificing civilian lives now in hopes of a greater peace later holds potential peril

Read that again: "... [T]he path of sacrificing civilian lives now...."

Funny, isn't it? The Republicans are constantly offering up others as sacrifices, but never themselves. This goes for Republicans across the board, all the way from the chickenhawks to the pro-forced-pregnancy blastocyst inspectors.

And to think we used to at least have some claim to be the good guys. Or at least the better guys.

"... The path of sacrificing civilian lives now..."

Do you think these guys would sell us down the river? Would these guys "sacrifice" us "civilians" in this country who haven't drunk the Kool-Aid? They would. In a heartbeat, they would.

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