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Just go read Froomkin (unless you want to sleep, tonight).

Reading Froomkin: It's like everything us DFH types have been saying for years, except it's worse than we ever imagined. Charlie Savage says that, yes, indeed, the executive branch is starting to take its cues from signing statements instead of the laws, so the theory of the unitary executive is starting to take root. (And even if a Democrat wins in 2008, you can bet that all the Republican/Christianist ringers, moles, stay-behind operatives, and sleeper cells are not just going to be looking to Bush's signing statements for guidance, they're going to be actively using them to write rules and regulations, and the Federalist Society will be using them as the basis for court challenges.)

And the entire West Wing just trashed their email routinely, in violation of the Presidential Records Act, and then they have the appalling chutzpah to turn around and claim that there's "no evidence of wrongdoing."

Yeah, there's no evidence because you destroyed all the evidence! Do you think I'm an absolute moron? What is wrong with you?

It's exhausting. It's exhausting dealing with these people:

They're tireless in working evil, they never, never concede anything, they seem incapable of empathy or introspection, and impervious to any form of oversight or limit on their power.

They're as insane as we always said they were, they're very well paid for doing what they do, and they've got cushy jobs lined up for the rest of their lives spreading more lies on TV.

I listen to NPR, or read the Times, or WaPo, or any of the majors, and there's really very little of relevance to our current plight. Sure, the war's going badly, but shit, we knew it was a crock from the beginning, and surprise! We were right and it turned out to be crock as big as the Ritz. Sure, Bush is breaking the law, and thumbing his nose at the Congress, and trashing the Constitution, and spying on everybody, but none of that's new. And sure, there's billions of dollars gone into the pockets of Halliburton and Christianist mercenaries, but we called that one, too. And don't get me started on our famously free press, as they run the 2000 playbook all over again, as if they never hated Gore, and never helped Bush seize power.

I feel like Cassandra. It's all happening, everything that we said was happening.

The Beltway is an even bigger swelling sack of pus than we ever thought it could be, and it fucking feels like nothing is being done. Does anybody up there get it? Where's the leverage? What is to be done?

It's exhausting being both right, and powerless.

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Tireless evil can only be countered by tireless attention and exposure. The revulsion is growing, the counterculture is refusing to lie own and be run over, and the lawbreaking is creating its own backwash among the conservative remnants. You're doing good, keep it up.


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...whch is why over the years many of us have faded out of the progressive websites that scoff at us and contribute more to sites that actually pay attention to what's happening.

Don't despair. Use Occam's Razor. Trust only the data you can verify and definitely distrust main$tream data sources and their interpretations. Expect what consequences are rational, given the data you have.

Society will change, but not without people of vision that can act with intelligence. You all fit that description.

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You managed to put it all in a nutshell right here: "They’re tireless in working evil, they never, never concede anything, they seem incapable of empathy or introspection, and impervious to any form of oversight or limit on their power."

Among the many debts that this administration will never pay is the time and intestinal uproar expended by so many people simply to keep track of its activities. Efforts to convince them to do right and stop doing wrong have cost countless hours.

How do we calculate the bill we'll send to Crawford?