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Evil No Longer ‘Lesser’, Even from Ostrich Stance

It’s hard to fight for human and social justice when one recognizes that the communication of horrifying truths has little chance of penetrating -- SERIOUSLY -- the hearts and minds of so many, many of those still dedicated to crony “truthiness” and the status quo -- hearts and minds of so many low-information and dead-conscienced but stubbornly self-labeled “progressives” of America.

Team Dem Blue America! So lost to their own narcissistic and/or cronyistic orbits that the horrific plights of fellow humans have no serious impact upon them, although I notice a few apologists for the ugly status quo manage to rally some souped up, defensive anger to attack the messengers of present surreally unjust realities. Too bad they don’t channel that energy in healthier directions.

With the incredible levels of inattention and/or minimization and/or denial and/or apologizing for the ever-escalating war criminality of Israel in its current “slaughter war” against Gaza by the US government, the mainstream media and so much of the US citizenry, how can a genuine thinking and feeling person not be paralyzed by despair? So much evidence of a collective “heart of darkness” in the US mirroring Israel.

It was foregone that the epidemic of American consciencelessness -- moral numbing -- would escalate once so-called “progressives” reframed themselves as “pragmatists” and established their comfort level with a rationalized “lesser evil” Obama and his Constitution-gutting, pro-elite policies. Soft fascism in America began to harden even faster than in Bush's time as these Americans became all the more immune from a serious sense of human and citizen responsibility -- the ability to respond -- and accountability. Even over their own economic, social, physical and moral plights or those of their families and social networks or those to escalate even more critically for their progeny.

Let me do a quick and partial review and random-brainstorming of the situation re Israel, Gaza, West Bank, US, Obama, Congress, etc. (with the proverbial vomit bucket within arm’s reach):

100 (all) of our US senators including Al Franken, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, have voted to endorse Israel’s slaughtering of Gazans.

The Israeli government knew the kidnapped Israeli teens had been murdered almost from the start due to not only circumstantial but DNA evidence, yet it launched “Operation Brother’s Keeper” as a pretext to terrorize, detain without evidence and kill Palestinians in both the West Bank and Gaza. It even had the chutzpah to send the mothers of the teens, whom it had not told that their sons were dead, to the UN to rally world sympathy for Israel and anger at Hamas and the Palestinians.

Besides the $3.1 billion in yearly aid the US gives to Israel to make it the super-military war machine it is, Obama has promised an extra $225 million this year (as US citizens struggle with joblessness and poverty). Over 800 Palestinians have now been slaughtered by Israel. Upon hearing Obama’s increased funding for war criminal Israel, Chris Floyd remarked, “Maybe when the number reaches a thousand, he [Obama] will buy Netanyahu a pony or something!”

The Israel Defense Forces sometimes drop leaflets on Gazan neighborhoods warning of imminent bombing, but the Gazans have nowhere to flee. I suppose it sounds good when apologists for Israel spin the tactic as humanitarian. Seems more sadistically cruel and crazymaking.

Gaza, the supposedly threatening enemy of Israel, is enduring a “slaughter war” by Israel, one of the mightiest and best-armed nations of the world. Gaza has 1.8 million inhabitants, the 13th highest population growth rate, 22.5% unemployment rate, and 38% of the population exist under the poverty line.

90% of the water is not safe to drink without treatment in Gaza. Most Gazans don’t have any access to clean water. There are regular power cut offs. Most Gazans can’t begin to afford hospital care. Medical facilities suffer from lack of supplies, impure water and the power cut offs.

In 2014 the US gave Israel $3.1 billion. (With that additional $225 million tax dollars now being funneled by Obama to Israel). According to Revuen Paz, an Israeli scholar, Hamas has a yearly budget of $70 million most of which goes to social and educational programs like schools, orphanages, mosques, health clinics, soup kitchens, sports leagues.

With no evidence of who kidnapped and murdered the three Israeli teens, the Israeli government, before going after Gaza, at first scoured the West Bank, pretending it was looking for the living teens it knew were already dead, and invaded and searched thousands of Palestinian homes. The searches were violent. The arrests of innocent Palestinians were violent. It’s called “terrorism”!

According to Steve Chovanec it has been calculated that $3 million in US dollars were taken by the Israeli forces during these searches by the Israeli government. 500-800 Palestinians were arrested and detained without charge from the West Bank (AGAIN, before any rocket-launching had been renewed in Gaza) and 6-10 Palestinians who had absolutely nothing at all to do with the abduction and murder of the Israeli teens were killed.

In 2011, there was a prisoner swap between Israel and Hamas. Israeli Gilad Shalit was released in exchange for 50 Palestinian prisoners. With the excuse of the abduction and murder of the 3 teenagers Israel re-arrested the former Palestinian prisoners, reneging dishonorably on the swap agreement. The Israeli government also without evidence rounded up clerics, intellectuals and liberals sympathetic to Hamas. The “round ups” were violent, as well, with scores of Palestinians getting killed during them. Again, this was before Gazan rocket-launching was renewed against Israel.

A high level Israeli official by the name of Ayelet Shaked has called for the genocide of the Palestinian people, especially for the murder of Palestinian mothers whom, Shaked declared, “give birth to little snakes.” That statement on facebook earned Shaked about 5000 “likes”.

There have been reports of scores of Israeli citizens who sit on hillsides overlooking Gaza in their lawn chairs with picnic baskets cheering on the Israeli bombing of innocent Gazans, whether men, women, children, elderly, disabled, etc.

After a Palestinian teen was kidnapped and burned alive, his American cousin was brutalized and arrested by the Israeli police without evidence. (This was, again, before any rockets had been sent from Gaza to Israel.)

The Gazan rocket firing until recently has been rare. Hamas has consistently respected ceasefire agreements unlike Israel that consistently has been the one to break them. Whenever the rocket launchings have been resumed from Gaza it has been over injuries and deaths by Israeli forces against Palestinians, not pre-emptively.

Collective punishment is a war crime. Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Israel is perpetrating collective punishment on the residents of Gaza. This should not be difficult to comprehend but it apparently is or international law is not seen as having any significance to most of the American citizenry.

The occupation of Gaza is a brutal one. As earlier said, potable water is nearly gone. Most residents are dependent on the UN for food and water. Juan Cole warns that malnutrition will be replaced with starvation and dehydration.

High fences hold in the Gazans. The fences are equipped with remote-controlled machine guns.

Now that there was a violent coup in Egypt with Sisi at the helm, who is a strong ally (puppet) of the US, the Palestinians are all the more “locked in” by their occupying and sadistic jailers with the help of a hostile neighboring country’s coup government.

In America the pro-Israel lobby pressures and controls the mainstream media as well as Congress, that for all intents and purposes, is really another arm of the Israeli parliament declares Paul Findley. He asserts that no president since Eisenhower has dared call out Israel for its outrageous wrongdoings, its crimes against humanity.

Nafeez Ahmed maintains that Israel is having an energy crisis of its own and the fiasco of violence perpetrated by Israel right now on Gaza is a wonderful opportunity for Israel to control more Palestinian gas, as well as to intensify its general suppression of the Palestinians.

This is the third violent assault by Israel on Gaza in seven years.

Netanyahu and the Israeli government are against any kind of alliance between Fatah of West Bank and Hamas of Gaza, both representing the Palestinian populations of Israel. The murders of the Israeli teens were not the motivation for the present bloodbath Israeli slaughter war against Gaza, but an opportunity to destroy the alliance between the Palestinian factions and their bargaining leverage for peace and improved welfare of Palestinians.

Occupation law is supposed to ensure greater protection for the civilian population that is occupied (Article 47 of the Hague Regulation). Despite the Palestinians being denied the right to govern and protect themselves, Israel assumes the right to collectively slaughter them, its occupied wards. Gaza was already a “humanitarian catastrophe” -- a slow genocide 66 years old -- but the genocide is now being sped up with Israel’s violent bombardment.

In “Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza -- Debunked” in the Nation in the past three weeks Israel has demolished 3,175 homes (a dozen at least with families inside), destroyed five hospitals and six clinics, partially at least damaged 64 mosques and two churches, partially to completely damaged 8 government ministries, injured 4,620 Palestinians and killed over 700.

Hammad Said has written “... here in the US in the Israeli-Palestinian context it manifests as knowingly arming the murderer to its teeth, and then providing the fig leaf of diplomatic support and biased media coverage to hide and obfuscate the deed both from the domestic and international audience.” Said speaks of Jewish exceptionalism as a grandiose mythology that deserves comparison to that, ironically, of Hitler’s Nazis.

Israel is our deranged and genocidal ally. We in the US are accomplices to mass murder.

James Cogan reports that according to the Gaza health ministry 1,031 Gazans are now dead, over 6,000 injured. The UN reports 167,269 Palestinians have been displaced and are sheltering in UN facilities. Thousands more have had to take refuge with families within Gaza. Cogan also relates that the only power plant in Gaza has been bombed and is now inoperable. Gazans on a lucky day have maybe 4 hours of electricity. Conditions are ripe for cholera and other disease epidemics.

Cogan reports that there are protests around the world, including the US against the Israeli “slaughter war” of Gaza. In Tel Aviv itself 3000 Israelis protested Saturday night to call for peace. Of course, in the Palestinian territories of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, Israel troops and police fire live ammunition at the demonstrators to diminhish their intensity and to warn them not to get too close to their checkpoints!

Netanyahu has repeated he has no intention to do anything but escalate the violence against Gaza. The slaughter war against Gaza is not motivated by the need for Israeli increased national security. The goal is absolute and inhumane dominance over the Palestinian people by the Israeli government.

Over 2 million Southeast Asians had to die before US citizens really got serious about helping to end Vietnam War atrocities. However, back then journalism seemed to have a greater degree of freedom and integrity. Our Congress and presidents also seemed to have at least some degree more freedom and integrity, too. So did far more of our citizenry for that matter.

Meanwhile, so-called “lesser evil” Obama is on the NewsHour at the moment creepily declaring how Russia is being made “to feel the pain”. One more craven media sound bite of the US gamesmanship information war for imperialism and hegemony. Real good faith diplomacy and humanitarianism long ago circled the bowl. The craven propaganda and murderous violence go hand in hand.

Why can’t the American citizen ostriches pop their heads up out of the sand and at least face down that “lesser evil” jumped the shark long ago?

Hitler’s “good Germans” had nothing on us "good Americans!"

WTF is it going to take?

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No idea but since they really don't care what the public wants or the corp. owned press lies so much the sheeple just follow along the bloodlust message.


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... the base of Maslow's heirarchy being eaten away for many in the putative "middle class." Professors, not adjuncts.

Food, water, heating oil, basic infrastructure of some sort, like power blackouts.