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Evil comes cheap


Two psychologists are responsible for designing the CIA's program of waterboarding suspected terrorists and for assuring the government the program was safe, according to an ABC News report.

Former military officers Bruce Jessen and Jim Mitchell had an "important role in developing what became the CIA's torture program," Jameel Jaffer, an attorney with the ACLU, told ABC News.

Good to have the names. Presumably their licenses to practie will be revoked?

Jessen and Mitchell were previously involved in the U.S. military program to train pilots how to resist brutal tactics if captured -- but Col. Steven Kleinman, an Air Force interrogator, told ABC News that the two never had experience conducting actual interrogations before the CIA hired them.

"They went to two individuals who had no interrogation experience," Col. Kleinman told ABC News.

And who would tell them what they wanted to hear, no doubt.

Associates say Jessen and Mitchell were paid up to $1,000 a day by the CIA to oversee the techniques used against high-profile detainees to extract information in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York City and the Pentagon.

$1000 a day? For a Beltway consultant, that's nothing! You'd think if the CIA is going to hire somebody to tell them torture is not torture, they wouldn't nickel and dime 'em to death. But n-o-o-o-o-o.

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Submitted by Nervine5 on

What fun people they must be in ordinary life! What a HUGE payoff it is to be non-human. But, there is always a 'paypal'. Right!?

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Not in any way defending these people, but it looks like some new version of throw Lyndie, et al, to the MCM and courts martial. Uh, no--CIA contractors would go to regular courts, right? With secret stuff kept, well, secret.... MCM will chew up anyone and work to protect the right powerful people.

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They are highly-educated, highly-competent, and highly-paid (regardless of the pay of other consultants) social scientists specifically said to have been central in the design of this torture. A Lyndie they could never be, even if they turn out to be partial fall guys, and it'd have to be partial unless the information is completely false.

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That these are the sacrificial 'lambs'

Associates say Jessen and Mitchell were paid up to $1,000 a day by the CIA. Not that they did any 'wrong', I'm sure they did. But WHO told them that it was OK and why was that?