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Everything you need to know about twitter as a political medium

See this post from twitter founder Biz Stone, November 10, 2000:

This site is great. You can manipulate the faces of Bush and Gore so they look like freaky old men. If you make their white collars really tall they look like Edward Gorey drawings! I love Ed Gorey!

240 characters, here we come!

November 8:

According to my secret remote sensor log the next president of the US is not going to be Bush OR Gore. It will be a benevolent puppet dictatorship governed by the strong caring hand of a matriarchal group of anonymous, heavyset Mediterranean women who reside in an undisclosed locale near the sea. Viva la Kalamata!

Teh funny!

November 7:

I'm tired. Go to bed.

If you've ever been tempted to think of anyone on the A list as a terminally ironic quick hit artist, you need to read "Biz." You ain't seen nothing.

And if the Village has reduced itself to communicating through twitter -- and if the tweeting Anna Marie Cox is the new Sally Quinn -- we are truly doomed.

NOTE We've got to work on our cliches. It's not undisclosed locale, it's undisclosed location. Of course, the wrong word does save characters. LOL.

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Submitted by lambert on

but twitter doesn't use me!

It's just RSS, so far as I'm concerned -- good for finding, which is what you used it for.

But, as the saying goes, 140 characters? That's not writing. That's typing!

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Submitted by bringiton on

Here's the thing; most of the Village writing has always been communicated in Twitterese, 140 characters of content wrapped around by 2500 words of filler and fluff.

If MoDo and Rich and Broder and Kristol and Brooks were limited to 140 characters per column, wouldn't that be a great advance in terms of wasted space? There wouldn't be any loss of content, and they'd be so much faster to scan and ignore!

That is , ahem, to repeat: 140 characters....

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Submitted by Damon on

You say twitter, I say fritter. Maybe, 20 years from now, this will be our own Newspeak. Twitter is blog with ADHD.