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Hillary flyer follows Obama right on Social Security.

Just shoot me.

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...tastes so good, lasts so long,
get some soon, you can't go wrong.

There's a playground libretto I've not thought about in many a day. Thanky sir (I think).

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i'm not in the mood to play quote-link chase, so i'll just say, "feh." she's not exactly going to say "i'm going to raise your taxes!" nor is what i read so damning. "keep more of your money" is a real winner for the middle class, and more importantly the upper-middle classes, hillary's 'soccer mom' base. women who get all annoyed that the taxes on their mcmansions are so high, and who forget that they chose to live in neighborhoods with "good schools," and thus must pay that price. anyway- i digress, but this is a winner for hillary. both of the women i know who are in her camp will respond to pap like this. in the end, if hillary didn't outline a specific tax cut in whatever speech this came from, it's relatively meaningless to me.

still, it would be nice for a politician to look the camera in the eye and say, "i'm going to have to raise taxes on the richest, and on some corporations who've been skiriting their taxations duties." oh wait, his name is john....somebody. lemme go and see if i find out on the teevee. i'm sure they'll tell me about him.

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North Jersey suburb variation, c. 1954 ...

They think it's candy,
But it's snot

Ethnologists, take note.