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Events, Dear Boy, Events

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What point is there in an September/October Surprise if you are too incompetent to ride the wave? Just like the over-achieving high school dweeb he comes across as, Romney tried to lead a phony, saber-rattling charge against "weak Obama" but nobody was interested in running behind him. Comical. He looks like a fool, and nobody wants to be lead by a fool. As I guessed, the GOP is throwing Romney under the bus, and it didn't even take a month to happen. They want a Christian true believer, and are willing to put up with Obama for four years to get one. They don't want to be stuck with Mormon Romney for 8 years.

This is exactly the kind of Mitt Romney Empty Suit moment where events conspire with a candidate's perceived failings and outright screwups to tip the scales to the other tribe's pony.

For instance, Mitt Romney losing Peggy Noonan, would be like Obama losing Booman. Although that probably isn't a good comparison, since Noonan has more than two brain cells to rub together and knows a loser when she sees one.

This is another reason many of us get the feeling the fix is in (even though we differ on who the fix is in for!).

From the first link:

But even Romney’s running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, didn’t directly criticize the president. “This is a time for healing,” he said at a campaign event in his home state of Wisconsin.

Et Fucking Tu Pablo? Aren't you the one who is supposed to bail Romney out, me boy?

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I think Romney been told to take a dive and everybody around him is in on the joke.* But the beauty part is he doesn't know the exact method he'll be taken down. Hene, the deer in the headlights look and the stiff demeanor. And he still fights against his fate. But he has nobody around him he can trust. I have a sneaking sympathy for the guy, much as I would for a weasel in a trap, who is suffering despite weasel-hood. Who would have thought that national politics was even filthier than private equity?

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And never woulda been.

The GOP's problem is they had picked Perry as their man but he was flawed big time. After that their primary was like the basement shoot out in Inglorious Basterds, and Romney was hidden behind the bar.

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Obama's theory that "the fever will break" if he's re-elected. The fever will never break until the oligarchy has destroyed democracy. Until then they will astroturf every D Congress and President to defend their own interests, until they get that Christian true believer, they can hide behind while they execute the coup de grace to American democracy.