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Even US Attorneys Get Stockholm Syndrome

Interesting piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Dispatch today about some local connections in the US Attorneys firings outrage. Read the whole thing if you're rounding up local coverage of this scandal, but I'd like to draw attention to the comments of one of the victims of this poo-flinging, who sadly is still helping provide cover for those whose poo is still clinging to his person:

Despite what he's gone through, Mr. Cummins remains sympathetic to those in the Republican party.

"None of the people involved are evil," he said. "Just some serious mistakes have been made.

"There's not much to argue here because my team keeps handing [Democrats] legitimate issues to beat the White House and Republicans over the head," Mr. [H. E. "Bud"] Cummins continued. "It's just been surreal how many mistakes have been made in a row here."

Heh. Yeah, Mr. Cummins, go on thinking of these guys as "your team."

And persuading yourself that "none of the people involved are evil." You can only shake your head sometimes and wonder just what it will take to get through to some folks.

The story is actually more about the involvement of one

Mary Beth Buchanan, the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania and the former director of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys, which helps put together teams that review U.S. attorneys.

in this situation. Inexplicably it does not note which offices Mr. Cummins and the other USA mentioned, Daniel Bogden, were in charge of. However there's one other name in here I hadn't heard before which may be worth noting:

"I was told the administration only had a short, two-year window of opportunity to put someone [new] in there. They wanted to take advantage of it," he [Bogden] said. The message, delivered by Michael Battle, who replaced Ms. Buchanan as director of the Executive Office, was: " 'You serve at the pleasure of the president. Your time is up, and you need to resign.' "

Eww, there's that "pleasure of the President" thing again. Here, have a kleenex.

But this "Executive Office for United States Attorneys, which helps put together teams that review U.S. attorneys" might be worth further exploration by those trying to pull this story together.

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A few days ago, Ms. Kildeer was running away from me trying to convince me her wing was broken to keep me from eating her chicks. And calling evil mere incompetence is the Republic version of this. I think some one whose whole career has been channeled up through the murk of the GOP job fair would have a hard time letting go of his vision of it as basically benign. When he finds out how many offers he's getting, that may tint his rose-colored glasses a little more to the icky side - and then he'll see it's not flowers they're throwing at him.