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Even Marie Antoinette knew better than this

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It's telling that even someone like Nocera is appalled by this kind of stuff...

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"As Herman Cain, a Cancer survivor, tells us smoking is okay, reminding us of his ties not to the people but to the tobacco industry, now we get a visual essay that further blames the people for their suffering by mocking their condition. The irony is some pundits will try to lighten this as fun-gone-to-far or party levity or a macabre humor associated with high stakes tension or grotesquely stretch it as a remembrance. It will fall in the same category and mode of thinking that justifies rape and blames its victims, that attacks peaceful demonstrators and wounds a veteran who survived war but was injured at home while exercising the democratic rights he fought to make safe and secure for all; it will be becried as "last year," as sensationalizing the legal rights of default and it joins Cantor's urgent declaration in the midst of devastation that disaster aid is more important as an accounting item matched to service cuts than as help for the homeless and dispossessed.

But it is what it is: a deep, powerful expression of the cruel indifference to community in a country that has lost its sense of the common good and the general welfare by turning our lives over to those who daily abuse our dreams and integrity for profit and cash in on our national misfortune. Now they come for us. The law entitles them; they exercise it with glee.

Beat the drums. Maybe it is time for war paint. Register and vote.

[Memo to the all Attorney Generals, state and federal: prosecute somebody.]"
--Walter Rhett

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OT: A journalist’s request for comments from Hillary supporters.

I’m picking up reports and suggestions here and there that many Clinton supporters have a nostalgia for the Clinton presidency that never was. And I have thought about that and wondered: What would or could she have done that Obama didn’t do, and what did Obama do that she wouldn’t or couldn’t do.
Have any thoughts on that?

From Tom.Brune at newsday com

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It is a measure of how radicalized I have become in the last 10 years that I am ashamed to admit that I voted for Clinton - twice. What would Hillary do differently than Obama? Nothing. Obama may well be the last politician that I will ever vote for.

Emma Goldman once said, "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." It seems as though some politicians believe that voting could change things, since they are pushing for laws that re-instate poll taxes. I guess moves like those help people to think that voting actually does change things. It is so easy to become bewitched by false consciousness, isn't it?

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But that doesn't make me incapable of seeing the marginal differences between the two.

HOLC instead of HAMP, regulated bailouts instead of TARP, Student Loan help at the start not 3 years later, HCR would've started at Medicare for All to end up at a PO, not start at a PO to end with Heritage's plan.

It's not that hard to see the things that would've been different had the other been elected. It would have been a bandaid on an amputated limb, but things would've been different.

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Marginal, indeed. She was out there celebrating Ghadaffi's death. I stand by my assessment - the ruling class would not permit her to do anything that Obama hasn't "accomplished". Paul Street has, as usual, the last word on Obama and Clinton.

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That's sick! I've read recently that the foreclosure crisis has moved well beyond the lower and middle classes into the upper class. Karma dictates that the principals of Blum are next in line. It would be so sweet if, during the foreclosure process, someone would give the former owner a copy of the NYT article!

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We have the most corrupt and incompetent Attorney General ever. Worse than John Mitchell. Let's hope Eric Schneiderman can hang tough. This is one of the more disgusting stories that I've seen.