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Even Further Thoughts on the Filibuster

I suppose you could say that it is irrelevant whether the filibuster stays or goes. We will have corporatist government either way. Filibuster reform assumes our system can be fixed. But our system, like everything else, has been stolen to serve the interests of a few. If we could fix things, we would not eliminate the filibuster. We would eliminate the Senate.

As for the standard argument against eliminating the filibuster because of what the Republicans might do, I can't but think how absolutely ironic that is. 51 votes and the Republicans could change the world while the Democrats with 60 votes we all pretty much understand would be incapable of doing anything other than following an essentially Republican agenda. Of course, the reason this is true brings us back to the original point. What we have are two corporatist parties and one corporatist government. The differences are atmospheric. In their rhetoric, the Republicans are more overtly corporatist, the Democrats a little less so. Both have the same agenda. They just have slightly different roles in enacting it. The Republicans begin the process and the Democrats validate and expand on their efforts. The filibuster is just part of the atmospherics. As the healthcare debate showed, in the Senate, there is a 100-0 corporatist majority, just as in the House, there is a 435-0 one.

I can't help but note here that Dennis Kucinich will fight against an olive pit in his sandwich but he won't and didn't fight for you on healthcare. Or that Bernie Sanders will make a stand, but only on a Friday when he isn't in anyone's way and it won't change anything.

This is the government we have. It is not ours. The Constitution begins: "We the People", but this is no longer the case. It should read: "We the Elites and Corporations". In this light, the filibuster, whether it stays or goes, is meaningless. It is just an element in the larger kabuki that says this government is our government. Of the people, by the people, for the people? In your dreams.

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Submitted by Eureka Springs on

this move... because gridlock among two monied party criminals can only help slow things down, maybe.

We knew during the most recent campaign season by the mere lack of what was said that the D's had no intention of fighting for 99 percent of what the D' veal pen wants us to believe D' are about. Why the d's didn't even raise a kabuki fuss about jobs and such... all while the deficit commish and tax breaks for the rich dominated the change ahead.

Wasn't it two short weeks ago every single D senator signed onto a letter supporting this move... and now, suddenly not one demands it. How can anyone possibly take them seriously, except as a serious threat - enemy within?

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Submitted by twig on

I can't help but note here that Dennis Kucinich will fight against an olive pit in his sandwich but he won't and didn't fight for you on healthcare.

I saw a headline about Kucinich's olive pit lawsuit last night and actually read it twice, to make sure I was seeing correctly.

Proving once again that every time I think the politicians in this country can get any more worthless, they do.

Submitted by Hugh on

Great piece from the Onion. Senators are both arrogant and useless. ES, I think the early support was the tell this was all for show. How many times have we seen support when it cost nothing or might even gain a few positive mentions disappear when it came time to actually do something? It's not a fluke but a feature. Anymore anything coming out of Washington is kabuki, just a way to play us, distract us, and keep us from reacting in any kind of an effective way.