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Even a greedy plutocrat can be right

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America’s Greediest: Meet YUM! CEO David Novak, Keeping Fast-Food Wages Minimal

Glomming tax subsidies for executive compensation isn’t the only way that Novak’s company feeds at the public trough. Its low-wage, minimal-benefit employment structure is subsidized by food stamps and Medicaid. And with remarkable ingenuity, its executives have sought access to the food stamp program, which was designed to provide healthy nutrition. Not satisfied with YUM!’s massive, ongoing contribution to America’s obesity and diabetes pandemics, the company’s lobbyists have sought to persuade officials in several states to let low-income families use food stamps at Taco Bell and KFC.

Letting people use food stamps to buy restaurant meals would be a wonderful thing for homeless people. One of the problems of homelessness is where to park yourself. Another problem is where to go to the bathroom. Fast food restaurants solves these two problems in addition to supplying a warm if less than ideal meal. The fact that people frequently panhandle outside of fast food establishments is evidence of their appeal to the very poor.

The answer is a job guarantee at a living wage, that would force all these cheapskate employers to do the right thing. In the meantime, letting homeless people use food stamps to buy restaurant meals would be a very good thing.

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When I dodged the homeless bullet in Philly (while still blogging, naturally) finding free WiFi was a constant concern -- basically, my circulation through the day, after the heat was turned off, was from "hot spot" to "hot spot."

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With a guaranteed income, no one would have to take a job unless it paid a living wage or better.