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Eugene Puryear, showing how it is done

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Will Sommer

Speaking of sleepy parties inexplicably active in this election, remember the Statehood Greens? Had a Council seat for a while until Catania poleaxed party warhorse Hilda Mason in 1998, been known for kooky candidates ever since?

Well, no more. Maybe. Statehood Green nominee Eugene Puryear is running the party’s most competent campaign in recent memory, mostly by actually campaigning.

Sommer is unjustly harsh to previous DC Statehood/Green Party candidates, but certainly Puryear is running the best I have seen. I went out door knocking for him a few weeks ago and he certainly has his act together. In addition to traditional campaining Puryear has been organizing a series of anti-police brutality Hands Up Don't Shoot marches. He is a ball of fire and his presence on City Council would shake things up.

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