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Eugene Puryear DC City Council At Large

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If you live in DC, please take a look at Eugene Puryear, his stands on the issues are very close to the Corrente 12 point platform.

Puryear is a candidate for the DC Statehood/Green Party. Under the unique terms of the DC Home Rule Charter, Puryear has an excellent chance of victory. As condition for DC home rule, President Nixon insisted on an affirmative action plan for Republican candidates. By law, at least one seat on DC City Council is reserved for someone who is NOT a member of the Democratic party. Therefore, by law, DC City Council cannot be 100% Democratic. In the past this has worked for Republicans or, more recently, independents. In order to win Puryear needs to beat every non-Democrat running for office. He has a real chance to do this.

So, if you live in DC, please take a look at his site. If you don't live in DC, but have friends who do, please send them the link to Puryear's site and ask them to consider voting for him.

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