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Erasing International Law in East Jerusalem with a Little Help from NPR

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There's been a boatload of news coverage about settlements in the Occupied Territories - and especially East Jerusalem - since Israel's kick in the teeth to VP Biden at the start of his "peace" trip to Israel and the tension it created between the expansionist Israeli government and its rock-solid, honest broker for peace, the US.

Given that the core of the disagreement is over Israeli settlement expansion in the Occupied Territory of East Jerusalem you might expect a news organization to offer a little bit of historical and legal context - you know, like some small reference to the 20+ Security Council Resolutions on Jerusalem that Israel has violated. Or given the chest thumping sectarian triumphalism of Netanyahu -

"The Jewish people were building Jerusalem 3,000 years ago and the Jewish people are building Jerusalem today. Jerusalem is not a settlement. It's our capital." [Morning Edition, 3-23-10]

- you could hope for a gentle history lesson that would not leave such a steaming pile of racist propaganda sitting out there unchallenged. And given that ALL the Israeli settlements are illegal under international law, you might expect to hear the word "illegal" or the phrase "Security Council" in any one of the pieces on the East Jerusalem settlements aired on NPR in the past week. So how does NPR do? Let's have a look:

At the time of this posting,

Is it any wonder that the US Congress can act as though it were the Likud Party, or that so much of the US public is completely misinformed regarding the conflict in Israel/Palestine? How could a listener have informed opinions when NPR provides an uncritical platform for extremists like Netanyahu and allows expansionists like Israeli Amb. Michael Oren to make the following unchallenged claims during a recent "interview" with Robert Siegel:

"...Jerusalem is sovereign Israeli territory, and it has the same status as Tel Aviv. And just as Israelis have a right to build anywhere in Tel Aviv, they have a right to build anywhere in the city of Jerusalem...."

Seriously, one doesn't have to be a radical to state the obvious about Israel and its settlement policies. Regarding Jerusalem, UN Amb. George H. W. Bush (seriously) stated way back in 1971,

"We regret Israel's failure to acknowledge its obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention as well as its actions which are contrary to the letter and the spirit of this convention,"

and - as President - he and his administration continued to make almost identical points nearly twenty years later. I guess that was so pre-9/11 - you know, back when such quaint ideas as the Geneva Convention still held sway in some quarters of the Village.

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Submitted by libbyliberal on

Call it truth to power to Israel and the world, call it "tough love" to Israel... but we have got to stop enabling the neocons in that country and in our own.

And it is heartbreaking the wilfullness of the fourth estate not to do its responsible job.

Yes, low interest or simply pre-occupied or simply traumatized Americans are not grasping so many fresh hells and their realities... but this is dumbfounding. And still... crickets.

And it also makes the numbness stronger so that more and more travesties to justice can occur all over. Obamaworld... looking forward not backward, never leftward.. what a recipe for fascism... using spun "truthiness" over civil and legal and ethical protection and security. Procrastination I excused it as with Obama at first. But that bought him time to really boil us frogs further, and endanger more and more.

What happened with Petraeus and Mullen asserting the danger in our codependency with Israel? I was impressed Petraeus used his clout to get that out. But the media really insidious muffled it? And some Progressives are obviously torn about Israel/Palestine ... strong loyalty to Israel ... which also sabotages momentum of truth willing out imho.

Truth to power ... the request for sanity and simple honoring of established law... you wouldn't think that would be such a stretch. Surreal freakshow of a universe as Maddow calls it. Though where is she calling out on this? Not there.