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EPA Terrorists Destroy States' Rights, Clean Air, Sexy MPG, Climate Change Reality

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Henry Waxman (Actual Member in Good Standing of the Democratic Party, representing the Golden State) is interested in how the EPA arrived at a decision to not protect California's environment as much as Californians would like to...

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif., sent a letter to EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson demanding "all documents relating to the California waiver request, other than those that are available on the public record."

Waxman told Johnson to have EPA staff preserve all records. The decision against California "appears to have ignored the evidence before the agency and the requirements of the Clean Air Act," Waxman wrote. He asked for all the relevant documents by Jan. 23.

Johnson on Wednesday denied his decision was political, saying it was based on legal analysis of the Clean Air Act. His refusal blocks California and at least 16 other states that wanted to adopt California's law slashing greenhouse gas emissions from new cars and trucks by a third.

President Bush stood by the decision of his EPA administrator.

President Bush stood by the decision of his EPA administrator...because he loves our freedom.


Via TPM.


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