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"English as She Is Spoke"

"Few, few the bird make her nest" is my favorite.

Here is the original text; here is a commentary:

English As She Is Spoke is a broken Portuguese-to-English phrasebook written by two translators, José da Fonseca and Pedro Carolino. Sort of. You see, in reality, translator Pedro Carolino wanted to create a phrasebook on his own. Not knowing English, he took José da Fonseca’s French-to-English phrasebook and then used a Portuguese-to-French phrasebook to translate that. It’s sort of like what you and your friends do on Google Translate, but with a poor, mislead Portuguese man doing it by hand in candlelight.

Although it was originally published in Portugal under a much more benign title, it was only so long before the book migrated to literary circles in London, where it became the Victorian equivalent of a viral video. Friends passed it to friends who giggled over — even then — unintentionally sexual phrases such as, “He do the devil at four." Soon it was republished in America and England under its more famous title, quickly becoming a bestseller on both sides of the pond.

"Even then"?

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