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End game on the health insurance company bailout, as Obama to post new legislative proposal

Monday, the real shit sausage, to be passed through reconciliation.

From Izvestia, Obama's plan will have the mandate, tax people whose insurance plans are too good, allow more people to get medical care after they sell all their assets by expanding Medicaid, and introduce new loopholes to make up for the ban on "pre-existing conditions." No news on throwing women under the bus on abortion.

In other words, no substantive policy changes on offer. So, I guess it will come down to who Obama and the health insurance parasites can buy, and for how much. The Chicago way!

Left carefully unstated in the article is who's going to pay for it all. My guess is a lot of young folks are going to go even deeper into debt, and a lot of old folks are going to eat cat food and die earlier. Those are features, not bugs.

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From the NYTimes article:

In recent days, White House officials have consulted with Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid, but have not reviewed Mr. Obama’s plan with other Democratic lawmakers.

“There has not been a collaborative process,” said a Congressional Democrat with decades of health care experience. “We have not been consulted. This is very much a White House proposal.”

Looks like Congressional Dems are doing some protective pre-distancing.

Gonna be interesting!

(Wonder who that Dem with decades of health CARE experience is....)

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one of the people who will vote for the bill and then wonder why the WH didn't bother to listen to them.

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I read an article somewhere that this is just a faux bill that has little chance of passing -- meaning the excise tax stays in, which is a House hurdle. It's just to put something up.

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Crucially, the House leadership may sign on to the compromise even without a tweak to the Cadillac tax, according to a senior leadership aide. That’s because the compromise is not going to be voted on — it’s merely to create something to take to the summit. So this logjam may still get resolved in time.

Presuming it does, the compromise bill that Obama would take to the summit would include a national health insurance exchange and tougher penalties on employers who don’t insure employees, leadership aides say.