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Empty shelves at Walmart, because Walmart sucks

That's what they get for beating their workers to death. Bloomberg:

Wal-Mart is entangled in what Ton calls the “vicious cycle” of under-staffing. Too few workers leads to operational problems. Those problems lead to poor store sales, which lead to lower labor budgets.

“It requires a wake-up call at a higher level,” she said of the decision to hire more workers.

Falletta, the meat and dairy stocker in Erie, said his weekly hours are unpredictable. He would like to work a full 40 hours and sometimes gets only 25. Falletta and others interviewed for this story said management bonuses are based partly on minimizing store payroll.

According to Rochelle Jackson, who works at the jewelry counter at a store in Springfield, Missouri, a supervisor recently explained the number of hours available to schedule employees corresponds to sales performance: The worse the sales number, the fewer hours available.

“We’re not getting as many sales because there’s simply no one to help the customers throughout the stores,” said Jackson, 24, who has worked at two Wal-Mart stores since 2009. “I asked, ‘Why can’t we have enough hours to make the store work?’ They said, ‘It’s orders from Home Office,’” she said.

I imagine the response will be robots, eh?

I'm picturing the propaganda rollout right now....

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Next step . . . automats. Then you won't have to see the blue smocked wraiths with rictus grimaces plastered on their faces glide listlessly up and down the aisles while their dreams bleed away drop by drop.

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"The beatings will continue until morale improves" is coming back to bite, it seems.

Walmart junk should be sold out of candy bar or gumball machines. And maybe we can build a retailer that sells quality Made in USA products that can be sold by men and women given reliable full time schedules (or part time if they want them) at decent wages -- triple the minimum wage, for starters -- with comprehensive health benefits.

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I shop at a huge supermarket/organic food combination store in Bozeman, MT. Their organic department is quite good. I was going to remake a delicious Tikki masala recipe from Bon Appetit April issue. I had made it the night before to much praise by finicky husband. I had all the exotic ingredients like garam masala, dried chili peppers, cardamon pods. I did not have Ghee (clarified butter) and was told to substitute vegetable oil. It also said to use yogurt but not Greek. I only had Greek.
So the point and relevance is coming, I promise you.
I am standing starring at the yogurt section. Oddly, there now is very little old type yogurt. Mostly Greek. As I'm pondering, the usual helpful employee asks if there is something she can help me with. I usually say, "No, I'm fine". This time I mentioned there being no "regular" yogurt. She explains the difference between them is mostly texture and how she has a hard time eating regular because the thickness of the Greek is so satisfying. I tell her that I used the yogurt with the Indian spices to marinate the chicken. We both pondered and decided to stick with the Greek since I had more of a variety of container size and whatever was left over I could eat. I then showed her the jar of Ghee and asked about using that or the vegetable oil. She immediately said, "Oh, the Ghee, of course."
I thanked her profusely and went on my way to checkout where the bagger asked if he could assist me to the car (whispering as they always do), "I'd like to get outside. It so nice out." We chit chat all the way to the car.
I realized that the woman who helped me probably felt some satisfaction in helping me and was a nice change from stacking shelves.
Then off to Costco I went where the same people have been helping me for 15 years. The same woman admires my flowers and I tell her that they last at least two weeks. I talk to the checkout guy and ask how his son with cystic fibrosis is doing. He has insurance which is much needed.
Why would anybody shop at Wal-Mart other than hoarders of cheap crap?
By the way, our local store is not all that great and the check out people are mostly kids or tired looking. So small doesn't always mean great.

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Wow, that WalMart circular logic should get a dunce-cap prize.

WalMart execs are probably working on how to off-shore customer service to a factory in Bangladesh with locked doors and no fire extinguishers.

Did I mention how much I hate WalMart?

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It would be nice if this prompted some rethinking among WalMart management about how they treat the help, but it probably won't. Change like that usually requires a lot more serious issues than a slump in sales. Plus, considering how successful they've been, it will probably take being on the verge of bankruptcy before they consider any changes to how they do business.