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Emotional blackmail, how the kleptocracy does it

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Text of Michelle Obama's speech

I’ve seen it in teachers in a near-bankrupt school district who vowed to keep teaching without pay.

Now she didn't say that teachers should work without pay, merely held it up as an ideal. I mean, you wouldn't like to be like those teachers in Chicago threatening to strike now would you? It is not as if a society that valued its children would arrange that the people who taught children would be adequately paid like they do in those Scandinavian schools we pretend to admire.

This is why I have never liked Michelle Obama. She has always struck me as a respectable version of Nancy Reagan. Just as greedy and disdainful of ordinary people, but far better able to package it.

Edit -
I mean if Michelle Obama's rotten husband would aim the free money bazooka at the states instead of Geither's golfing buddies those school districts would not be bankrupt and those teachers would be paid. The Obamas are truly horrible people and they want to appeal to our idealism in cleaning up their mess.

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You'll get a reputation of being an unreasonable Clintonista when you might have been merely prescient.

Funny, I know people hate my guts but they know I've got a point. No, no, I'm not offended, no matter how hard they try. ;-)

I don't hate the Obamas. I hate the people who installed them.