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Emergent Party victory in Ohio

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Ohioans Elect Two Dozen City Councilors on Independent Labor Ticket

Union-dense Lorain County, Ohio, is now home to an independent labor slate of two dozen newly elected city councilors—recruited and run by the central labor council there. All labor’s candidates had strong showings last month, and all but two were elected.

“This was a step we took reluctantly,” said Lorain County AFL-CIO President Harry Williamson. “When the leaders of the [Democratic] Party just took us for granted and tried to roll over the rights of working people here, we had to stand up.”

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Submitted by octal on

It's interesting that there is no mention in the article of what AFL-CIO national leadership thought about this. Something tells me that, at the very least, they were not pleased.

...but hopefully this can help bring the Democratic leaders to their senses,” said Machinist Art Thomas.

I don't think so, Art. They may resume talking the talk long enough to distract you from the knife heading for your back, but the knife will come. It's past time to for unions to ditch the Democratic Party entirely.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

was my thought also the national isn't going to happy but if other locals see this as a win-win maybe they can vote out the sellouts in the national. Yes, the unions need to drop the demodogs and go it alone or join forces with other emergent parties.

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Submitted by octal on

... or join forces with other emergent parties

IMO, that would be the best tactic.

The reality of politics would probably make it unlikely, but it would be most heartening to see the unions, the Greens, the Justice Party, etc, join forces to create a unified third party.

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Who remarked:

Having said that, no one should underestimate the enormous difficulty of creating a broad-based third party that speaks to the needs of working families. That party in all likelihood would have to be organized through the trade union movement and its millions of members.

If Sanders actually was into party building (unlike Nader, AFAIK) that could be useful.

Hang together or hang separately....

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Submitted by McDee on

In my part of the IAM (Transportation/Communications) we elected our local leaders by vote of the membership. For every level above the local it was the reps only who voted and that was all the way up to the national level. Kind of difficult to mount an insurgency against the national leadership. You are right though, that this is encouraging. Maybe it will spread. BTW, I stopped paying my retirees dues during primary season 2008 when the IAM issued a joint endorsement to Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee !!!!!

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Submitted by Alexa on

several video clips of Trumka before the midterms.

Trumka basically acknowledges that he wants the AFL-CIO to openly become a political arm of the Democratic Party.

Oddly, IIRC, he equated unions with the Koch Brothers--go figure.

I was truly appalled, although not entirely shocked by much of what he said.

Heard Alan Simpson brag (from a college campus townhall meeting on XM Radio) that he and Rich have been big buddies for over thirty years.

Why--they "hug and kiss" upon each encounter--dontcha know?

I try and stay away from being too crude, but I seriously needed hip waders after listening to that "event." I bet Trumka wasn't very pleased by Simpson's admissions (if he heard about it).

I'm ashamed that my federal employee union was affiliated with the AFL-CIO (of today, anyway).

This is one reason that lawmakers just negotiated demands on some federal employees (those with less than five years of service) to make a higher employee "match" in their retirement fund.

There are several more cuts that are recommended in Bowles-Simpson's proposal. This was "the easiest one" to pull off.

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Great! Thanks for this link. Good to read the voters of Lorain County, Ohio are taking these important issues into their own hands.

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(Though how you ended up here I cannot imagine.)

For those of us who, like me, have no real understanding of how unions work internally.... Please feel free to explain... Or maybe they're all different! I genuinely don't know, and you all may take it for granted that we do know.