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Embassy helicopters

Taliban Offensive: Afghan Special Forces Battle Insurgents in the Streets of Kabul. Oh, great. In the diplomatic quarter, too.

Why don't we just get the hell out?

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Submitted by jumpjet on

How can we not at this point? Obama's smart enough not to drain the US's military might on the lost cause of Afghanistan. It makes no sense from an imperial perspective.

Submitted by Lex on

The US's military might is pretty much drained. Do you really think that anyone is truly afraid of it anymore? Sure, you're going to get pounded by air superiority but we've now proven twice in a decade that we cannot successfully conduct ground operations that include holding territory. And we haven't really proven that we can take ground from an enemy that fights back.

There's a lot of face to be lost, and the empire needs more positioning against Iran.

Submitted by lambert on

.... the empire isn't "holding its space." Since that's the definition of an empire, this empire is not long for this world.

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Submitted by goldberry on

I hope he's not anywhere near this crap.

It sucks that the economy has pushed the wars out of our minds.

Submitted by Lex on

ISAF was just bleating on about how the Taliban weren't launching a spring offensive. See, we're winning!

So now we have a spring offensive and brazen enough that it starts with an attack on Kabul. Afghanistan isn't the graveyard of empires. It just happens to be the place where over-extended empires that believe their own myths end up smashing their heads against the rocks until they bleed out.

And don't forget that to continue this fool's errand, we have to ask people we supposedly hate (Putin) to help us make it possible. I mean, we're such a great empire that we can ignore every basic tenet of military strategy and still win, right?