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Elizabeth Warren for President!

Ethan Porter in the Boston Globe:

ON THE day after Tuesday’s electoral loss, the Obama administration brought an unfamiliar face to the White House - Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard Law professor noted for her staunch advocacy on behalf the middle class and fierce criticism of the bank bailouts. Perhaps the administration will take a more aggressive approach to Wall Street, along the lines of what Warren wants. But for Democrats to truly take ownership of the economic crisis, Warren will need to play a more prominent role. Not just her ideas, but the force of her personality is needed.

Warren and the Democratic Party need to think seriously about her prospects for higher office.

Nice if it happens.

Warren has spent her career laying the groundwork for what might be called progressive populism. From her perch in Cambridge, she’s excoriated the unfair credit and lending practices that, in part, gave rise to the current crisis. She was the architect of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, which, if created, would regulate credit cards and mortgages in the same way home appliances are regulated now. (Full disclosure: Warren once wrote about the agency in the publication I help edit.) And well before the bubble broke in the summer of 2007, when America was still riding high on George W. Bush’s economy, Warren was speaking out against the incredible pressure the 21st century economy was putting on the middle class. She was derided as a Cassandra, but she was right.

And in Versailles today -- as in the "progressive" blogosphere -- being right is a total disqualification.

Still, wouldn't it be great?

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Warren to chair the Fed and Krugman for Sec. of the Treasury!!!

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She sounded upbeat about Obama. Then she said something like, "Of course I am not a politician."

Sheila Bair is it? Not Barr.

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I become amazed the amount of slack he is still being given. But I gave him more slack than some at the beginning.

And people don't research against their comfort zone of denial. There is a kind of citizen to Prez "cronyism" loyalty. Too scary to embrace full evidence.

Obama seems to embrace a personal elitist exceptionalism and has lost his capacity for empathy, or did he not have one.

Seems so obvious the horrifying double standard, taxpayer money goes to the wealthy and when it comes to stimulating working class job infrastructure, suddenly THEY are not worthy of stimulating. And benefitters of taxpayer money rescue cry deficit. And Obama, is like a parent who fawns over one child and abuses and neglects another. He is not leader of the national family. He is a betrayer of it.

This is evil and ugly.

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And people don't research against their comfort zone of denial.

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who's a person of great integrity whose opinion on almost everything I trust and respect, who nonetheless considers him a great man. She reads nothing about what he's actually doing, I am pretty sure, and is convinced that an example of his spiritual greatness is the fact that he has wanted to be President since he was a kid. I find it bizarre. I can't talk to her about it. It's just too hard, watching the country crumble into (further) corruption, economic disaster, and moral bankruptcy, and hearing how wonderful our President is. ick.