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Elizabeth Warren: "I love capitalism!"

Here's a link in case the video doesn't work.

Here again it would be interesting to have a feminist perspective. I have to confess I'm not hearing a lot of "I love socialism" anywhere around these days. But "I love capitalism," red in tooth and claw?

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To be "Serious" and taken seriously, you still have to be Mr or Ms Capitalism. That's the way it is. Doesn't have to be, but it is.

Personally, I think most countries besides the US are making steps toward reconciling the advantages of capitalism AND socialism. The US is ripe to have a serious debate on this, but both sides, Dem/GOP (Prog/conservative), have a vested interest in making the debate absurd.

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Every time I hear this woman my admiration for her increases. I don't have to agree with every tot and tittle of her worldview. I am just glad that her views have the net effect of supporting the consumer/taxpayer, from back in the days of her testimony on the bankruptcy bill to her present role as TARP Oversight Board Chair.

And being a great communicator is one of her chief virtues, e.g., "contract law and bankruptcy--the alpha and omega of capitalism".

I've just emailed the link to several friends.

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but we're getting there. (Link is to the Rasmussen poll showing that 53% think capitalism is better than socialism, with a close-to-even split among the under-30 crowd.)