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Elizabeth Warren

At Corrente, we've followed and supported Elizabeth Warren for some time. We were certainly in the forefront of defending her from Adam Davidson's assault on NPR (Google).

And so what about the whole Tim Geithner vs. Elizabeth Warren controversy?

I think that if we've been reduced to arguing about personnel (see Update III) in a not-yet-created agency inside an administration that was supposed to be "deeply progressive," then... [pounds head on desk].

UPDATE [pounds head on desk]:

Fair or not, the left wing of the party doesn't believe that Obama either respects them or listens to them much — and this is bad news for Democratic chances in the November midterms. Now, nominating Elizabeth Warren to head up the CFPB wouldn't suddenly make everyone sing Kumbaya, but it would sure go a long way toward patching things up. It would demonstrate, at least for a moment, that he's paying attention to what his base wants, that he's willing to take a chance, and that he's serious about the CFPB having a director who genuinely wants to protect consumers. And just to piss off the entire crew of Fox News, he could even send someone to announce her nomination at Netroots Nation next week.

Well, Drum sure thinks the left is easily bought, doesn't he? One appointment, and it's time for makeup sex?

Of course, if Drum takes the Kool-Aid addled Netroots Nation as a proxy for the left, he's right.

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