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Elitist, much?

There's been a lot of material that's been beyond parody in the New Yorker lately, but I think this one takes a big slice of Marie Antoinette's cake. Appallingly, the editors have actually devised a department heading for this sort of story: "Team Obama"*

Last week, members of the steering committee for Generation Obama—a grassroots group that organizes young professionals—held an after-work meeting in a conference room at a marketing firm on Third Avenue. The theme was reaching out.

Good, good...

“It’s significant that we’re meeting now, right in Hillary Clinton’s back yard,” Goldberg said. “the other side, [a term that used to be used for Republicans] and we need to think about how to make room for them going forward.” The group brainstormed about potential summer events: an Obama gallery tour, a beach party (“We did nothing in the Hamptons last year. I’m just throwing that out there”). Bridget Guarasci, a Ph.D. candidate writing her dissertation on Iraqi politics, ran through plans for the upcoming fund-raiser: rooftop fire pit, Facebook blasts, “Obama-tinis.” Anuj Mathur, who works at a hedge fund, suggested a way to attract more finance guys: “I think it’s good to say ‘fire pit’ in the e-mail,” he said.

I'd prefer Duck Pit, myself. And here comes the best part:

Todd Sutler, a third-grade teacher at the Bank Street School, raised his hand. “Can we talk a little bit about how to lay it on the Clinton people?”

“We don’t want to be dancing in the end zone,” Goldberg said. “Our plan is to sit down and have a drink with them, and, if they tell us they want to take leadership roles in the campaign, that’s great.”

Sutler said, “But they still might be thinking they have a chance.”

'Til the last dog dies, Todd. 'Til the last dog dies.

Seriously, what's the test a Hillary supporter has to pass to take "a leadership role"? Accept the proposition that Hillary wants to assassinate Obama? A sincere confession of past racism, followed by tearful repentance? What?

And hey! The "cling to" is alive and well!

There was disagreement about whether Obama’s communication style tends to be too nuanced. “Here’s what I’m worried about,” Sutler said. “Clinton knows how to say something that someone hears on the nightly news in Kansas and understands. I don’t think Obama has mastered that.”

The great orator can't talk to ordinary voters? You're kidding!

Double shot? Cinnamon?

NOTE * The inventor of the Department of Amplification must be rolling in their grave. Along with many others. As usual, Kool-Aid rots the writing.

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Submitted by herb the verb on

Sing a couple of songs? Why don't we try that?

Hmmmm, now where have I heard that before? Oh,
I know!


Good night and good riddance!

Submitted by lambert on

Great quote. Yeah, that's about how I feel.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by elixir on

stuff because it justs adds more color to my image of how ugly the pity party is going to be when the Obamanation sucumbs to defeat. How silly and fragile they appear in these pieces. It's breathtaking, in' it?

I love this job!

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Submitted by orionATL on

i'd like to build a fire.

among strong clinton supporters in swing states.

and singe the hairy buts of those old farts who have been messin' up the democratic party for way too long, kissing george bush's ring for way too long, and clinging to power for their own sake for way too long

and to whom barack obama is an easily manipulated pushover.

since we are going to have to have it anyway,

we might as well have the "whose party is it

fight right now.

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Submitted by becca on

I also left a choice message for the dunderheads and pantywaists that call themselves dems. The party has been hijacked by a bunch of anti-populists and free (and unfair) marketeers who have no intention of ever achieving UHC or even affordable insurance. Wall Street rules these craven and callow hacks while Main Street shrivels. They are beneath contempt and I hope we take it all the way to Denver! Line up the buses!

(believe it or not, I'm generally a very mild-mannered individual!)

Submitted by jawbone on

often barefoot, at least for a goodly portion, with the final segment on one's knees, then lying prostrate in front of the bishop or other official who might grant dispensation. The route would be ordained by the party able to grant relief to the penitant, so the penitant at least had some reason to believe the sacrifice would be worth it. Usually.

NYC to Hyde Park? On foot? Should take well into the autumn, so the Clinton supporter wouldn't be in any real position to affect the glorious plans of The Precious One.

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Submitted by jackyt on

I've been reflecting, this afternoon, on all the great jobs that have been floated as consolation prizes for Hillary: Supreme Court Justice, Senate Majority Leader, etc.

And then, I've been thinking, what consolation slots would Barack Obama be qualified to fill? I cannot think of a single one. Help me here, please!