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Election to be a mandate for Cat Food?

I'm guessing yes.

IMNSHO (based on Obama’s interview in VA), the election — the economy and unemployment having now been taken off the table — is shortly going to become about how soon to cut Social Security and Medicare, immediately after the conventions, which are a set-up for it. That will be the “mandate” of the election.

That’s why both legacy parties passed, and Obama signed, the bill mandating that Obama report on his plans for cuts in case automatic “sequestration” kicks in. Obama, campaigning in swing state VA, big on defense, takes big ticket defense items off the table. Medicare and Social Security are, however, very conspicuosly on the table.

And both legacy parties seem to be working together like a well-greased machine.

So, look out. The report is due September 6. Not that I’m foily.

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Submitted by ubetchaiam on

And I sure don't understand the reference re the report coming out on 9/6.

Do you suppose when Obaromney campaigns in FL, he'll be iterating Biden's perspective?

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Submitted by tom allen on

It's from that poem by Gray: "Thought would destroy their paradise. No more; where ignorance is bliss, tin-foily to be wise."

Submitted by ubetchaiam on

Good to hear though I'm not familiar with the poet Gray;when I did a search it came back with drug references.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

to make enough of a stink that this won't be passed either before the election or even in the lame duck. Getting this done in the lame duck will be harder, of course. Whether we succeed or fail to block this; we should begin going on the offensive. We have MMT to back us up when we say there is no solvency problem.

So, let's call for expanding entitlements and for full employment. Project our anger and our demands and keep on doing it until they quit ignoring us and start engaging us with their rationalizations about why they can't support the legislation we're asking for. That's the point when we hit them with MMT inundate them with claims about stupid, irrational, and ignorant they are, and begin to shake the world views of at least some of them. That's when the possibilities of change will open up.

Remember, even they pass their deficit reduction plans, they will plan for it to bite deeply in a few years rather than immediately because both parties know that austerity right now could kick the economy into a renewed decision. That few years time span gives us a chance to organize for 2014 to elect a new Congress to overturn whatever they're going to do. If we're successful then, we can push for repeal of the austerity measures and for expansion of the safety net.

The climate will be more favorable by then; because Europe will have had enough of austerity and will be coming out of it. That will help to turn things here. Pushing for repeal and expansion will set the stage for 2016, when we can really push the new way of thinking over the top.

Submitted by lambert on

First, if you do, that sounds serious and a sign of depression. (We've had discussions of that before, but FWIW my views are that (a) getting plenty of light is very important and that (b) finding some way to get moving forward physically is very important, even if just one or two steps...)

Second, although I'm not a Polyanna about outcomes, I see a tremendous wave of civic engagement with "public good" in mind; that's what I hope I am showing in the campaign countdown stuff, especially about fracking.

Third, if I look back to pre-Arab Spring, people are saying and doing things I would never have imagined possible (in a good way).