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Elder adopters spoil Facebook for teens

Business Insider:

What does 2014 hold for your online life? If you’re young, it probably won’t involve Facebook that much.

This year marked the start of what looks likely to be a sustained decline of what had been the most pervasive of all social networking sites. Young people are turning away in their droves and adopting other social networks instead, while the worst people of all, their parents, continue to use the service.

As part of a European Union-funded study on social media, we are running nine simultaneous 15-month ethnographic studies in eight countries. What we’ve learned from working with 16-18 year olds in the UK is that Facebook is not just on the slide, it is basically dead and buried. Mostly they feel embarrassed even to be associated with it. Where once parents worried about their children joining Facebook, the children now say it is their family that insists they stay there to post about their lives. Parents have worked out how to use the site and see it as a way for the family to remain connected. In response, the young are moving on to cooler things.

Instead, four new contenders for the crown have emerged: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp. This teaches us a number of important lessons about winning the app war.

So, Moms* take note:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp

Kids should really know that "They'll never find me here!" doesn't really work. Especially with your Mom.

NOTE I'm also a little bit creeped out by "Moms." It reminds me of "folks," or "millenials." Another one of those collective, "identify as" nouns that gums up the works for any kind of change at all. Granted, for a vague definition of "change." To counter my own point, "Mothers Against Drunk Driving" seems to have made a dent in that social problem. I seem to remember mothers identifying as mothers making a different in the early 60s during the fight for a Test Ban Treaty. And during the Vietnam war, there was Another Mother for Peace. So maybe I'm being too cynical here.

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Submitted by danps on

Snapchat supposedly deletes posts at an expiration point, and that is (anecdotally) a selling point with the kidz. Also anecdotally: American kids are indeed turned off, but I've got some young family in Ireland that's quite active.

Submitted by Dromaius on

.....for me at least.

I actually have a separate FB account where I follow the kids in my life. They absolutely drive me nuts. These are people who don't understand the implications of posting every stupid thing they do. I was getting bruises from the forehead slapping. I follow them for pics of them and their kids (when I remember to go to the other account). The rest of the news I get from their grownup parents.