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The effects of thirty years of neo-liberal policies on Detroit, illustrated

Look on my works, ye mighty.... The scale of the destruction is awe-inspiring.

NOTE Via Yves.

In comments, Attempter links to the efforts by Hantz Farms to turn Detroit into an urban gardening center, but his link is from 2010, and as of 2011, Hantz haven't purchased much land. Then again, is Hantz corporate, as opposed to "sustainable"? Readers, do you have more information?

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Detroit in ruins | Art and design | The Observer

if it was France, the government would take care of the old buildings.
Not in the U.S. -- It's now garbage.

(French might even try to see that displaced workers,
Refugees from racism and oppression, once lured by the promise of decent employment . . .  would not be discarded.)

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John R Hantz is the CEO of a local financial planning company, convicted of fraud(both personally and his company) see here:
and here:
This charming, criminogenic company likes to cast blame and pursue monetary relief from the widow of one of their crooked employees:

Well, with a background like that, only good things to be expected, No?
Anyway, a great, long thread, discussing this company and it's purported plans is here:
But you have to know that a company that would hire a convicted wife abuser as VP, (among other ethical violations);
and whose CEO is described in these glowing terms:
has to be viewed with suspicion.
Shorter post: "crooks conning community"