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Edwards asks delegates to stick with him


And thanks to CD for finding this.

Funny, I'm not hearing the word "endorsement."

From either Edwards or Gore. Interesting, eh?

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And shows a good insight into what is going on. My reading into Edwards thinking is: he want to play a role in any Democratic administration (Supremes?). He sees the coming fissure, between the educated histeria (Obama's fans) and the working class (Hillary's supporters), and wants to play Annan (somebody will have to a Bill or Lewis are now out).

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I can't shake a feeling of supreme disappointment with John Edwards. Why did he drop out when he did? Yeah, he wasn't winning and he wasn't going to win. But he could have played Kingmaker (much moreso than he is right now). He could have kept certain Democratic talking points alive at the debates.

Oh hey John, how are Obama and Clinton doing when it comes to keeping their pledge to keep talking about poverty on the campaign trail?

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....his family a break here. John Edwards has never been a quitter as far as I can see. Elizabeth's health may have been a factor.


Were I him I'd be more than a little pissed at the lack of support he got from the the very citizens he was campaigning to help.

I expect him back with a vengeance at the end of McCain's first and only term.

A. Citizen

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issue but then she understands the economics that are involved and how resolving poverty issues (which she's been working on since she left college) is good for everyone. And it is. The more we do to create a financially stable lifestyle for the underprivileged, the more stable our economy is overall.

You can't win a presidential race running on poverty issues - ya just can't. What you can do is present the solutions as a healthy and integral part of stabilizing the US economy - which is what Clinton does in many ways.,

You cannot find a time in Hillary's life when she isn't talking about improving education, expanding healthcare to the underprivileged and looking for ways to make sure families have enough food to eat. It's been a very consistent theme in her life for almost 40 years now.

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Submitted by Charles Lemos on

I had long felt that his only chance was a brokered convention could turn a broken party into one mighty party. Do I Dream Again having already conceded the White House and set my sights on 2012.

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I mean, if Obama remains a couple of hundred delegates pledged delegates short of the locking in the nomination, he'll be the presumptive nominee... at which point he'll be hammered by the right for a good three or four months, and by convention time may be quite damaged goods. Given that the Obots won't accept Hillary as a replacement, Edwards (or Gore) is the logical choice.

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JRE's 12 delegates could mean something.

As it is, I'm just glad to see him making statements again. I've missed his presence very much. I've bookmarked EENR blog, just like I have this blog.

And yes, I wonder why he and Gore haven't endorsed? Very interesting.