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Ed Schultz vs. Robert Gibbs: MMA or WWE?

I recall back in the day when Randi Rhodes said she was courted by the DNC to be a national talk-show host.... she said she wouldn't play ball, and she implied that they chose Ed Schultz to pull out of the chorus, instead. Despite her later succumbing to CDS, at the time she was to the left of Schultz -- he didn't sing out about single-payer until the election was well over.

So is what he's doing now unpredictable, or part of his role as a pawn in the 11-D chess game we've heard tell of?

The whole fracas started when Schultz, after having a rousing exchange with the White House press secretary on his show last week, told a conference over the weekend that he’d taken things further in a private conversation with him.

“Mr. Gibbs and I had quite a conversation off the air the other night,” Schultz told the conference. “I told him he was full of sh*t, is what I told him.” According to Schultz, Gibbs cursed him out, prompting Schultz to tell him: “I’m just trying to help you out. I’m telling you you’re losing your base.”

Asked about Schultz’s account, Gibbs emailed that in their private talk, he strongly took issue with Schultz’s claim that the health care bill is a gift to the insurance industry.

Gibbs adds that he demanded Schultz tell him “why he’d tell his viewers something so completely and knowingly wrong in an attempt to get people to watch his show.”

It’s an unusually harsh charge, given that the Obama White House would presumably like to calm frayed nerves on the left, and one imagines that in response, Schultz will not do a great deal to dial down the volume.

So, a real conflict, or a round in the ring, WWE-style? You be the judge...

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Submitted by Randall Kohn on

If you have any evidence of Ed not being on the level, it would be beneficial if you shared it.

Submitted by cg.eye on


As a commenter concludes:

Ed Shultz [sic] has a national TV [show] on a major (though last place) news network. I would have been shocked had he not turned during crunch time.

The guy spent the last 9 weeks telling ‘progressives’ how essential the ‘public option’ was to health care insurance reform. Surprised that he changed his tune and completely forgets all the arguments he touted as recently as last week? He’s part of the Village.

As Bob Somerby says, you can’t trust ‘news’ coming from somebody making $1M a year.

So, Mr. Kohn: Hewing to the party line is, and always has been, the price of a slot on MSNBC. Maddow paid her fee with propagating the HRC-RFK slur, and Schultz is paying it, now. How can noting that tendency in MSNBC hosts as part of their membership in The Village be paranoiac?

Submitted by cg.eye on

He has a gig on MSNBC, doesn't he?

He and Maddow toed the line -- pushed the National Hillary Hate campaign season for all it was worth -- in exchange for airtime and juicy Congressional gets.

If he's sincere about truly backing single-payer healthcare, then more power to him. But have we see any -- and I mean any -- political commentator on the TV or radio who hasn't sold out to the Administration agenda, simply because they thought it was their time to cash in?