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Dzhokhar Tsarnaevi is Mirandized: Words of majesty and excellence

Pulling this out from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's beside hearing (I'm typing this in, since what's online is just scans dumped into a PDF file dumped into Scribd:

THE COURT: ... As a first step in this hearing, I am going to tell you about your Contitutional rights.

You have the right under the Constitution of the United States to remain silent. Any statement made by your may be used agaist you in court, and you have the right not to have your own words used against you.

You may consult with an attorney prior to any questioning, and you may have the attorney present during questioning.

Counsel will be appointed without charge if you cannot afford counsel.

If you choose to make a statement or to answer questions without the assistance of counsel, you may stop answering at any time.

This right means you do not have to answer any questions put to you by law enforcement agents or by the Assistant United States Attorney, Mr. Weinreb.

I want to make it clear. You are not prohibited from making statements, but that if you do, they can be used against you. YOu are not required to make any statement at this initial appearance, and any statement you do make may be used against you.

Finally, if I ask you any question here in this heraing or any future hearing which you think might incrminate you, you have the right not to answer.

Do you understand everything I have said about your right to remain silent?

THE DEFENDANT: (Defendant nods affirmatively.)

"Majesty" not in the sense of "Kings! What a good idea," but majesty in the sense that the people are sovereign, and our Constitutional system of government is or at least should be one thing that makes and keeps them so. Call me Pollyanna, I guess.

Note that this is one clear and immediate benefit from — gasp!!!! — trying a terrorist suspect in the criminal court system; there’s at least some level of transparency. I’m sure Obama and his administration would have liked to handle this case like the “kill list” or Gitmo, by unilaterally dubbing secret administrative procedures due process, but ultimately they did not, which (to an optimist) would mean that the rot of corruption in the political class has in this small instance been checked.

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would mean that the rot of corruption in the political class has in this small instance been checked.

Well you keep that warm and happy thought, I'm sure they won't disappoint me in doing something so insane and outside of the real law it make my small brain hurt. In fact I can almost see what Mary and Glen will have to say about it.

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That he is to be tried as a US citizen, not an enemy combatant.

Good bye Constitution, we hardly knew ya!

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Your co-workers could be exulting that the police had shot him and set the boat on fire.

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Oh, that was a fun day Friday, the lone voice arguing that the lockdown was excessive.

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I ran a thread at NC on the same day, and in addition to the usual bullying, there were two or three people who said "overkill."