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Durbin floats trial balloon for privatizing Medicare

The Hill. Eight paragraphs into the story:

Durbin said he is personally open to further [huh?]privatization of Medicare as long a private insurers are forced to “play by the rules” that Medicare uses to lower costs, and that he realizes some of his liberal friends “are not happy” with his position.

If Obama backs cuts to entitlements, Durbin believes enough Democrats would support the president to get a bill through Congress.

“If a president comes up with a reasonable approach which ends up giving years of solvency to Medicare. ... I think that many Democrats will come around to that position,” he said. Obama’s imprint on the proposal would shield many members from grassroots anger, he said

It doesn't matter what Republicans do. It only matters what Obama supporters do.

So far, they've proven as amenable to throwing people under the bus as their Leader. So far!

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How timely. About the same time this was posted, the DCCC e-mailed me to say that I should give them $3 so Paul Ryan won't privatize Medicare.

If I could live on irony alone, I wouldn't mind what these guys do so much.