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"Dump this dog and start over"


The House Bill with its "compromises" was bad enough, but it was stronger than this pap. Do you really think the House will adopt the tattered remnants of reform that might survive whatever Reid shepherds through the senatorial gauntlet? I can't stress this part enough: this is not just about extending coverage to another 12 people (as Reich put it); this is about AFFORDABILITY. There is nothing that is going to be affordable about this once the Dems give the entire goddam thing away in the name of political feasibility. It will create a previously non-existent financial burden on people who can ill afford it, force shitty coverage down their throats in exchange for their hard-earned money, and once the full horror of its consequences begin to perk through the heartland, the Dems won't be able to get elected dogcatcher in a town full of puppy mills.

On the other hand, if we refuse to pass this shell of a bill, yes, the Republicans will get what they want---no reform---but is that a good enough reason not to do the only thing that makes sense? If this is not a strong bill with teeth, the Republicans WILL get back in, trust me, and they will dismantle what's left of it in record time, leaving Dems with both public enmity AND no health care reform. Get real. Dump this dog and start over. And get Obama out there to DO something about it, instead of sitting around trying to play the Buddha card."

Come on.

Let's leave the Buddha out of this, mkay?

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He ran his Harry and Louise ads against Clinton. He can't get out front without the Republicans running his own campaign commercials against him. He blew his chance of being an effective agent of change on this issue during the primary. He has to sit back and suck up whatever Congress puts out, and hope it's worthy of a legacy. Not a damn thing he can do to make it better. He's utterly and completely useless.

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Obama strikes me as a very sharp tool.

You don't see him complaining about passing right wing legislation do you?

That's because he's out to show his backers that not only did he stop anything that smelled of reform, but he's managed to take "reform" and turn it into something Anne Rand woud be proud of. Yep, he might be a keeper...worth keeping around for the destruction of all New Deal legislation.

While I expected Obama to be a disaster for libber-als, he certainly has impressed me with his ability to deliver his sheep to the slaughter house.

Even if you hate him, you have to respect his ability to conduct ideological cleansing. Hell, he's off-loading the trains and getting his intended victims to complain that can't get in the showers fast enough.

No, Obama's's far from being utterly useless, no Republican could take the country this far right this fast. I think the O's owners might decide he's worth keeping for a second term.

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And if you think about it, it's not really at odds with what I posted. :)

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Bush Became a very damaged salesman for the status quo. What better strategy than to back someone that LOOKS like a liberal and remains vague and cool enough to seem to be selling liberal ideas. Unfortunately, he's a slicker sales guy and the left won't fight him because WE WON!!!!